Research and interactive design supports successful roll-out of flagship brand for Japanese electronics giant

Brand building through interactive storytelling


The Challenge

Casio’s brand is built upon the rugged durability of its products and has thrived by tapping into this perception of endurance and strength.

G-Shock is the ultimate manifestation of this idea: a product range built to provide reliability to a user base who live life on the edge of what is possible.

We were tasked with generating engaging content to support a continent-spanning video and advertising campaign promoting G-Shock to European markets.

The Solution

Our creative team generated a series of ideas focusing on the accomplishments of truly exceptional people, encouraging the wider web to allow G-Shock to bring a taste of the extreme into their own lives. The winning concept was an interactive, multi-media experience designed to communicate and inspire. The campaign focused on stories about incredible individuals achieving spectacular feats, driven by G-Shock’s ‘never give up’ mantra.

Beautifully shot documentary footage and carefully honed copy conveyed tales of legendary perseverance, including freeclimbers attempting the unthinkable, a modern renaissance man out to change the world and an RAF chopper crew saving lives in the world’s most hostile environments.


The fully-responsive piece employed HTML5 and custom JavaScript, Google Maps API integration and engrossing video content, ensuring that the build was as dynamic and durable as the product itself.

The Results

The campaign appeared in extensive national outdoor, print, and online advertising, as well as an aggressive social media campaign.

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