177% return on investment for vintage clothing retailer

Collaborative approach drives rapid 41% increase in organic visibility

Lindy Bop are a vintage clothing retailer specialising in creating fun, feminine and flattering clothing inspired by classic garments from bygone eras.

Their talented in-house designers lovingly create amazing prints fusing traditional hand painted methods with state-of-the-art digital printing techniques, on stunning garments available for sale online and through a variety of resellers.

The challenge

The brand came to us after seeing a year on year decrease in organic traffic in the UK following a migration to https. Their recent launches in new countries were faring well, but performance in their core UK market was lacking. With a lean internal team, the developers needed support to identify and fix technical issues on the Magento platform whilst the content team were looking for a holistic strategy around which to base their efforts. We worked closely with the team to create an overarching strategy designed to overturn the declining performance and build solid foundations for future growth.

The solution

Our first priority was a thorough technical audit of the Magento platform, using log file analysis to understand how search engines were interpreting the site. We then worked closely with Lindy Bop’s development resource to prioritise key fixes, find ways around internal restrictions and test implementation in the staging environment to provide a last line of defence ahead of going live. Key areas of focus included fixing session ID bugs and pagination issues, crawl optimisation through parameter blocking, improving internal links and realigning external links.

Following the launch into several new international markets, Lindy Bop also needed support with localisation. Working collaboratively with the development team we implemented HREFLANG to ensure the correct local site appeared in in-country searches.

We also went back to basics with an extensive keyword research to better understand the site’s core audience and their search habits. This fed into a keyword mapping and architecture project where we made a series of recommendations to overhaul on-page targeting, better categorise products and surface pages customers were struggling to find.

Blog layout

Further keyword research highlighted a number of popular search terms higher up the funnel that Lindy Bop’s existing content strategy had failed to target. The brand is ideally placed to own key themes around vintage trends and seasonal fashion inspiration yet there was no home for such content on the site. As well as recommending the development of a blog, our content experts built an editorial strategy giving the Lindy Bop team direction and standards for their internal efforts. We delivered example page templates to help them build visually engaging and well optimised content, as well as providing a full year’s editorial calendar designed to capitalise on seasonal search trends and grow authority in the vintage space.

Lindy Bop Case Study

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The results

Our holistic approach drove a 41% increase in organic visibility which led to a 19% increase in monthly revenue, all at a 177% return on investment.

Diversifying the site’s targeting through our keyword mapping efforts, has allowed it to rank for 1,587 new keywords it had previously never ranked for. For the keywords that were already ranking, 3,946 have improved position, on average moving up 7 places. We also drove a 16% increase in keywords ranking on page 1 and leapfrogged 3 key market competitors in visibility.

The newly created pages we recommended have driven thousands of page views within their first months and improving internal linking to two key pages delivered 58% and 61% increases in visibility.

hreflang graph

Our HREFLANG implementation was highly successful in improving visibility across international markets:

  • 2,208% increase in visibility in Ireland
  • 1,700% increase in visibility in Germany
  • 102% increase in Australia and 43% in USA

Lastly, the newly created blog has just gone live and we can’t wait to see our editorial calendar come to life!