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Working at Builtvisible is more than just a job. It’s access to a community built around the power of connection.

Connection to each other, the brands we work with and their customers.

Best-in-class agency services need best-in-class people, and we have a 14-year track record of developing not only great marketers, but incredible human beings. Our attitude to constant improvement, supportive atmosphere and the sense of being a part of something bigger than ourselves has led many to stay with us for over half a decade and those who have benefitted from the Builtvisible springboard continue to display our logo as a badge of honour on their CV.

Whether you’re here for the long-haul or as a stopover to your next stage, our aim is to help you achieve the goals you need to get further. How? Responsibility from the get-go, ideas that are taken seriously and a connected team of passionate, focused individuals who champion you every step of the way.

Builtvisible Career Architect

Builtvisible Career Architect is a unique digital marketing progression framework that develops not only great marketers, but incredible human beings. Click below to read how Career Architect puts you in the driving seat of your own career.

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Before you apply


  • Think carefully about what you’d like from your career, we support people with drive, ambition and motivation.
  • Appreciate that we want to know why you want to work at Builtvisible, so, have a really good think about that before you apply for a role.
  • Read our blog posts and review our clients/portfolio. Take the time to get to know who we are and it will show in the interview. We value prior knowledge of our company.
  • Be yourself, be fun, awesome, creative, hard working and talented – you only need to be the right person. Skills can be taught.


  • Be put off if you don’t think you have the right experience. If you’re a smart, talented and hardworking person, we’ll be keen to discuss a role with you.
  • Make silly errors in your application. Typing and spelling errors in your application make you look like you lack attention to detail. You won’t be invited for interview.
  • Apply until you’ve thought about what you can do in our company. We thrive on the richness and diversity of our skills, experience or qualifications.
  • Worry! If you’re the kind of person who’s not sure, you should apply because you know you have a few skills you need to develop – that’s great self-awareness and we especially want to hear from you!

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We're a friendly bunch who love what we do. Check out our LinkedIn to see what we've been up to recently, or check out our about page and day in a life series to get a sense of what we're all about!

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