Builtvisible Career Architect

A unique digital marketing progression framework that puts you in the driving seat of your own career.

What is Career Architect?

Our Career Architect framework is an explicit acknowledgement that we’re a people business, and built on our core value of investing in our own development, it underpins everything we do at Builtvisible.

Whether you’re joining us on the first step of your digital marketing journey or making a leap into a senior role, our proven approach to helping people achieve their goals in a safe yet challenging environment is the jewel in the crown of our agency.

We’re fiercely proud of our employee retention rate but are under no illusions that some things don’t last forever. As such, Career Architect exists to create the ultimate win-win scenario where, regardless of where the journey goes, both agency and employee mutually benefit each other throughout.

And the evidence is all around – be that in our home-grown leadership team (70% have worked their way up from junior positions, including Geoff our CEO) or in those who have flown the nest to take up their dream jobs in senior digital marketing positions elsewhere.

  • 70% of Builtvisible's management team is homegrown
  • 5 years average staff tenure
  • All-time 72% career progression rate
  • 20% average reduction in time to promotion
  • 4 consecutive years of reducing staff turnover

How it works

Career Architect is comprised of a continuous 4-step cycle that takes your own personal objectives and aligns them with those of the agency.

Everything is led first and foremost by self-assessment, while peer review is handled in a safe, controlled environment. This structure increases self-awareness, gives you autonomy and means you have the freedom to explore your professional and personal potential within the vast scope of possibility that life at Builtvisible provides.

Goal-setting and management structures grounded in neuroscience means personal development is an “always on” activity and achieving your goals, both inside and outside of Builtvisible, is never left to chance.


  • 30+ agency roles
  • 150+ competencies
  • 4,500+ actionable data points
  • Driven by you, facilitated by us
  • Neuroscience-based goal setting structures
  • Highly trained, dedicated support to help you achieve your goals
  • Complete ownership of your own career within Builtvisible and beyond
  • Complete clarity on where you are and where you are going
  • Transparency of expectations across the agency

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