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For years, Builtvisible has developed resources and tools available for the digital marketing community. We’ve helped thousands of people in search make their processes more effective, simply by teaching, supporting and giving back to our community.

Take a look – and, if you don’t see something you need, just ask.

Introduction to Content Marketing

introduction to content marketing
Your Guide to More Effective Content Marketing

Know your brand needs content marketing, but you’re unsure where to start? Read our introduction to content marketing…

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Beginning Digital Marketing In China

baidu SEO
Baidu SEO and Content Marketing in China

China. The most populous country in the world. A place where over 640 million internet users buzz away amid an ever-changing sphere of innovation and evolution presenting boundless opportunity for businesses and consumers alike. What’s not to get excited about?

For businesses both domestic and international, or anyone with an involvement in the digital world; China should not be ignored. Learn how to get started making your brand more visible in China.

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A Google Analytics Guide of Epic Proportions

Guide to Google Analytics
The most in-depth, ultimate guide to Google Analytics you’ve ever seen.

Mastered the art of Analytics and feel like you’d like to get to the next level?

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Build incredibly beautiful, responsive sites with our open source, CSS structured library.


For a long time, we’ve built sites that specified column widths in HTML. This leads to a compromised design, with an app or site that looks good on a single large resolution, and reasonable on mobile. It also produces HTML stuffed with non-semantic class names.

This isn’t good enough.

The “Open Digital Application Wireframing Styleset” (or OpenDAWS) is an attempt to correct this.

OpenDAWS Enables:
– Rapid prototyping of content (see how our team does that)
– Build Mobile First

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SEOgadget for Excel

Query tool provider data from Majestic SEO, aHrefs, Mozscape, SEMrush and Grepwords directly within Excel

Fetch valuable link and keyword search volume data from 5 of our industry’s most powerful API services. Prototype apps, speed up your analysis time and gain powerful new insight into your SEO strategy, fast.

SEOgadget for Excel Enables
– Extraction of large volumes of link data from SEO Tools providers: Majestic API, aHrefs and Moz
– The ability to fetch keyword search volumes using the Grepwords API and SEMrush

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The New Content Marketing

How Brands Will Win with Truly Exceptional Content.


Our consumers getting smart, fast. To catch their attention, Marketing successfully requires extreme levels of innovation.

The innovators in content experience innovate with creative, executed inside competently delivered technical packaging. The level of competition brands face in online marketing is why cutting edge, “front end” web development practices are always in such high demand. In this article, we explore the idea that to be a success, brands must be “truly exceptional” to stand out.

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Log File Analysis for SEO: The Ultimate Guide

log file analysis
An unapologetically technical guide to log file analysis for SEO.

Mastered the art of technical SEO and feel like you’d like to stretch your knowledge further? Our very own Head of SEO, Daniel Butler, talks you through his methodology in this extensive guide.

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What Online Retail Marketers Need to Know to Succeed in SEO

Our whitepaper investigates the competitive side of online retail marketing:

retail white paper

Know your ATG from your Demandware? Retail is an increasingly competitive marketing space, so what do you need to know as an Ecommerce site owner?

In this free whitepaper, our expert SEO team discuss just what’s required to be a success in search. We explore the technologies in play, the competitive landscape, and give you actionable takeaways to make your mark in your retail vertical.

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