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Creative Ideation for Digital Marketers

An essential resource for creative campaign inspiration. This guide gives you tools to unlock creativity in your team and a strategic understanding of the creative process.


A Guide to Successfully Promoting Content to Publishers

In this resource, we share some of our own tried and tested methods that have seen us win coverage for our clients on the likes of the Washington Post, Buzzfeed, Forbes, io9, Cosmopolitan, CNN and many other popular online publications.

Digital PR and Outreach

Digital Marketing in China: The Baidu SEO Guide

This guide aims to inform anyone considering embarking on a digital strategy in China with a series of useful insights on the structure and make-up of Baidu, how to rank on Baidu, insights into content research and marketing in China as well as ongoing cultural considerations to take into account.


A Detailed Introduction to Mobile Search & SEO

For digital marketers, search on a mobile device is a mainstream digital marketing discipline that is now very different to classic desktop SEO. In this article, we hope you will acquire an understanding of the mobile search ecosystem and how it affects your brand. We’ll also help you understand how to implement, technically, to ensure best possible adoption.


A complete introduction to content marketing

This content marketing guide has been created specifically for those new to the practice who are looking a clear understanding of what this highly strategic marketing approach involves, taking readers through the entire content marketing lifecycle, with a particular focus on research and planning.

Content Marketing

The Ultimate Guide To Log File Analysis for SEO

To understand how search engines like Google are crawling your website and identify technical solutions for your SEO, you need to conduct a log file analysis. Written by our very talented Head of SEO Daniel Butler, here's a complete and detailed guide to how to get this done.


The Basics of JavaScript Framework SEO

An introductory guide for a technically savvy SEO who may be faced with answering questions about the "SEO friendliness" of websites built in Angular and React. As an SEO, if you're comfortable with a standard level of technical site auditing, then you'll probably be surprised by how easy it is to get up to speed with JS frameworks.


The Web Marketer's Guide To Reddit

It's the most pop-culturally influential site on the Internet today; frequently acting as the catalyst for new trends to spread like wildfire. This guide looks at how digital marketers can use reddit as a source of inspiration for content ideas primed for success.

Content Marketing

SEOgadget for Excel

If you think about how much time we’ve all spent waiting for a CSV file to download, and how much time we’ve spent merging the data into Excel after the event, you might agree it’s a time sink, and not a terribly productive part of your analysis. SEOgadget for Excel addresses that problem by connecting directly to services such as Majestic SEO and Moz via their API services.


The Content Strategy Discovery Tool

Consolidate trending news from across the web and find inspiration for your content marketing topics quickly and easily with this handy tool, built in Google Spreadsheets..

Content Marketing

How Retail Marketers Can Succeed in SEO

This retail report provides retail marketers guidance for developing an organic search strategy for Ecommerce, from technical set up and site performance, to content and social strategy.


Embed Code Generator

Embed your Infographics, Images, Files and more. Just add your image URL, title, target site and preferred anchor text and we'll generate and email the full embed code for you.

Content Marketing

Generate Line, Spline, Area Spline, Column or Bar Charts with our Highcharts.js Generator

Content Marketing

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