Beautiful content delivers exceptional results

Creative content drives credibility & traffic for challenger insurance brand

Staysure was formed in 2004 to provide comprehensive yet reasonably priced travel insurance for the growing number of over-50s within the UK.

Offering a range of policies and specialist cover for those with pre-existing medical conditions, Staysure have helped millions of holidaymakers explore the world with peace of mind.

The challenge

Staysure, a specialist insurance brand targeting over-fifties, had a challenging brief. Not only did they need to gain market share in a ruthlessly competitive industry, they wanted to achieve that goal with content targeting non-digital natives.

Disappearing World by Staysure

The solution

Our solution focused on the theme of nostalgia — a powerful emotive force for millennials and baby boomers alike — along with a strong element of environmentalism. Our goal was to impart to readers a simultaneous appreciation for the beauty of our world and its fragility. The former would inspire wanderlust, while the latter positioned the piece as part of an important conversation that ought to be shared.

Disappearing World by StaysureDisappearing

Gathering first hand accounts and expert insights aided in embedding Disappearing World in a wider discourse, while stunning visuals and a journalistic style of storytelling helped establish the perfect balance of commercial and editorial intent.

Staysure Case Study

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The results

That careful balancing act paid off hugely. Coverage by high-end press and more specialist environmental sites included the likes of Daily Mail, Daily Express, AOL, Fast Company, Huffington Post and Tree Hugger. Each became a valuable source of traffic, brand exposure and links from some of the web’s most authoritative domains.