Award winning results for specialist travel insurer

50% increase in organic revenue and global top tier coverage for over 50s favourite Staysure

organic traffic
organic revenue

This case study offers a classic example of how overarching brand visibility and revenue targets can be reached by executing on a marginal gains strategy.

Focusing on one of Staysure’s most important product offerings of travel insurance for pre-existing medical conditions, Builtvisible applied a combination of technical consultancy and an inspired content campaign with award-winning results. Here’s how the project unfolded.

The challenge

Buying insurance can be a very stressful experience for anyone with a pre-existing medical condition. Staysure, a specialist travel insurance provider for the over 50s, have dedicated an area of their site to helping customers with this specific issue, yet it was gaining less attention than the quality of its content deserved.

Customers who did reach the medical travel insurance section of the site were converting well and with above average order values, making it a lucrative opportunity to increase revenues dramatically through an increase in organic traffic. Digging deeper into the search landscape the opportunity became clearer with 1,200+ related keywords across the conversion funnel and some 72,000 additional monthly searchers to be targeted. The result of this research was a targeted campaign combining technical SEO, on-site content optimisation with link building to drive up organic traffic and most importantly revenue across this key product area.

The solution

During our ideation sessions with the Staysure team, the topic of mental health quickly emerged as something we’d all like to see discussed more openly in the mainstream media. Staysure offer insurance specifically for those travelling with mental health conditions, and were keen to let people know that this often overlooked support was available. Managing a medical condition can be an emotional experience, so any content produced around this area had to be sensitive and thoughtful.

With this firmly in mind, we developed the final concept: Travelling with a Mental Illness. Our project team interviewed people with a range of conditions to understand how they experience and cope with travel, offering tips and support to others. These experiences were then brought to life in a series of illustrations by Loren Conner, an artist with first-hand experience of mental health issues.

The content campaign resonated with a huge audience, resulting in worldwide coverage across TV, radio, print and digital publications:

The piece also found huge success on social media, with shares from prominent mental health charities and awareness groups, prompting open and positive conversations on an often-taboo topic.

This content campaign developed alongside a series of other content recommendations, including:

  • Keyword research and mapping
  • Audience profiling
  • Content strategy

Technical consulting, focused tightly on the medical conditions category, underpinned this entire process, through:

  • Competitor analysis
  • Targeting recommendations
  • Site architecture recommendations
  • Technical quick wins
  • Internal linking strategy
  • Competitor link analysis & intersect

Staysure Case Study

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The results

By focusing on this lucrative but underperforming section of the website we saw an increase in the number of transactions from medical-related content increased by 21%, driving up organic revenue by 50%.

A surge of 75% in organic visibility for medical insurance associated keywords was the key driver behind this significant growth:

Improving poorly performing pages and plugging content gaps led to a 383% increase in the number of pages generating traffic and an overall organic traffic increase of 57% year-on-year.

This medical insurance campaign for Staysure is just one of numerous campaigns for the brand to improve overall organic revenue.

These fantastic results gained industry recognition when Builtvisible won gold at the Digital Impact Awards for ‘Best Use of SEO for Corporate Communications’. The content campaign was also highly commended at The Drum Network Awards for ‘Financial Services Campaign/Strategy of the Year.’