14% growth in the number of page 1 rankings for empowering retailer

Estimated 99% increase in monthly organic revenue, an additional £83k per month

Since Bravissimo was founded in 1995, their mission has remained the same: to inspire women with big boobs to feel amazing, to celebrate women’s figures and to offer a wide choice of beautiful styles that uplift big boobed women in every way!

The challenge

Big boobed women in the UK have traditionally not been catered for by the lingerie industry, with a limited range of styles for cup sizes above DD. Bravissimo wanted to fully align their organic strategy with their customers, ensuring all of their customers could easily find products which both fit and made them feel fantastic!

They challenged us to maximise their organic visibility for customer-centric keywords while continuing to drive ever increasing visibility on their core revenue driving categories.

Why we love this case study

  • Bravissimo are a real purpose-driven brand. Being able to amplify their message in organic search and help people make the right purchase for them is a real privilege we don’t take for granted.
  • With limited time and resources, prioritisation was key throughout. We had to work together to be completely clear on potential upsides and laser-focused on implementation.
  • We had work closely together and be true partners to navigate Covid-19 – a tricky time for all retailers.

As specialists we love digging into detail. See the full solution here.

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The result

Seizing the customer focused opportunity has helped make Bravissimo more visible for their target keywords, with significant improvements across our target areas in H1 2021.

Bravissimo now ranks in position one for highly relevant terms like “bras for big busts” and “bikinis for big boobs”. The on-page optimisations and platform level improvements have driven significant uplifts in organic metrics such as:

  • Estimated 99% increase in monthly organic revenue, an additional £83k per month
  • Estimated 15k additional monthly organic visits from customer centric keywords
  • 14% growth in the number of page 1 rankings
  • 28% increase in average ranking position of related keywords, up from position 8.3 to 6.

Overall Bravissimo has doubled its organic traffic share from 27% to 53% in the UK across all target keywords!

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