A game changer in understanding the customer funnel

A ground-up implementation of Enhanced Ecommerce tracking and a bespoke reporting setup

Award-winning retailer Bravissimo is on a mission to make big boobed women feel amazing!

Launched in 1995 to help bring D+ sized bras to the masses, the business now employs a team of over 850 and boasts 29 stores across the UK.

The challenge

Standard ecommerce tracking and Excel-based dashboards made reporting a time-consuming activity for Bravissimo’s marketing team. Transactions were tracked as an isolated datapoint, meaning that while top-line revenue was reported accurately, the team couldn’t gain insight into the wider purchase journey; cart abandonment and checkout behaviour were unknowns. Existing processes also lacked data on customers’ engagement with content, impeding the marketing team’s ability to demonstrate ROI.

The solution

Builtvisible undertook a full audit of Bravissimo’s Google Tag Manager container and implementation of Google Analytics. Quick wins off the back of this audit included addressing inaccurate pageview counts and bounce rates on product pages, a consequence of the site’s use of performant JavaScript functionality in lieu of full page reloads.

With data integrity established, the next step was to migrate the site away from standard Ecommerce functionality over to a modern Data Layer-powered implementation of Enhanced Ecommerce. Working directly with the Bravissimo development team and testing new functionality in their staging environment, we worked towards a seamless transition over to the Enhanced Ecommerce plugin. The team were then trained on the new reports this functionality unlocked.

This new ecommerce tracking was supplemented with a series of new datapoints relating to top-of-funnel interactions. Tracking these less-overtly commercial interactions was geared towards enabling the Bravissimo team to attribute value to customer engagement with content such as videos, customer reviews, and mailing list sign-ups.

Finally, the team’s cumbersome Excel-based reporting system was replaced by a series of new automated dashboards powered by Google Data Studio. These reports were geared squarely around the business’s digital KPIs, while also serving to communicate the value of the work carried out by the marketing team, and the results of Builtvisible’s wider work on technical SEO, link building, and content production & promotion.

Bravissimo Case Study

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The results

Builtvisible’s work has freed us from the manual process of creating weekly reports, enabling us to spend more time analysing the results and turning the insights into actions. Enhanced Ecommerce is a game changer in understanding the customer funnel across all channels and better measurement of engagement has given us a data-led approach to ensure we’re investing in the content formats and topics that are most engaging for our customers.

Charlotte Field, Senior Ecommerce Manager at Bravissimo