Holistic brand building drives 329% increase in organic revenue

Huge 575% uplift in organic sessions for supplement retailer

From the humble origins of a university lab back in 2000, Bimuno has grown into an industry-leading range of daily fibre supplements that is gaining excellent reviews.

The product, developed in collaboration with the University of Reading has been celebrated in a BBC documentary and holds a significant position in the increasingly widespread conversation about gut health.

The challenge

Back in 2015, Bimuno.com tasked us with providing significant organic growth for their brand and product range. With an offering centred on the little-known concept of prebiotics, and a domain struggling to compete against the likes of Amazon and Boots, they turned to us for help and we’ve been working with them ever since.

The solution

Our first priority was to establish strong technical foundations and lay the groundwork for a long-term strategy.

Starting with the fundamentals, we conducted a comprehensive technical audit and link analysis. With the help of the incredibly committed in-house team, our recommendations were implemented promptly and had an immediate impact.

Next, we conducted a keyword research project which not only identified opportunities to increase visibility for core topics, but also uncovered sizeable new markets full of potential customers. This information informed how Bimuno then positioned their products.

Bimuno.com was weak, so to build momentum quickly we focused on building relevant, high quality links to the domain. Previous PR activity was mostly unlinked so this gave us a fruitful list of quick wins to capitalise on. Bimuno’s unique position as the world’s most advanced prebiotic and their relationship with prestigious research centres meant that we were able to offer journalists expert commentary and insight into the field of gut health.

Alongside these always-on link building tactics, we highlighted a need for a larger-scale link building campaign to gain further coverage and links from authoritative domains.

Gut health research is a relatively unknown and complicated yet fascinating field. Our strategy was to take this complex topic, make it more accessible and promote it to a wider audience. Making the most of growing public interest in mental health, we produced a creative campaign on the topic of the gut-brain connection. This campaign was highly successful, securing over 40 pieces of coverage and links from the likes of Daily Mail, Huffington Post, Care2, Big Think and Active Times. It continues to generate coverage today.

All this offsite coverage and link building contributed significantly to the domain’s authority, but if Bimuno were ever going to compete with the likes of Amazon and Boots, their content was going to have to be on point too. Our onsite strategy was to keep the output laser-focused on product, symptom and treatments. We would play to Bimuno’s strengths and provide users with the most authoritative, trustworthy and in-depth gut health information possible.

To do this, we took the keyword research and expanded it into a content strategy based tightly around key audience groups and their journey through the purchase funnel.

  • Awareness stage content covered gut health conditions, symptoms and healthy lifestyle tips
  • Consideration stage content focused on gut health treatments and the research around prebiotics
  • Evaluation stage content homed in on product and included an animated explainer guide
  • Retention stage content focused on ongoing use of the product via an interactive food diary

As a member of the health sector, Bimuno’s content requires significant expertise, in-depth research and validation. Our copywriters worked closely with specialist nutritionists, Bimuno’s own expert researchers and their compliance team to ensure each piece was watertight.

For audiences in the consideration stage, we produced several in-depth guides. These guides improved content quality and relevance which in turn increased non-brand visibility. The four symptoms guides contributed to much improved and highly relevant non-brand visibility and earnt 20 links without any additional outreach or promotion. Similarly, the prebiotics page was a huge success, securing position 1 rankings for a range of terms and earning 28 links.

It’s always a tricky job writing content to convince people to buy your product. It’s even more difficult when said product is a confusing and somewhat intangible concept. Our creative solution was to produce an animation to make Bimuno’s product as easy as possible to understand. Our video explained things so successfully, Bimuno even used in their TV advertising!

Ranking P1 when it mattered most

Most excitingly, we made sure that Bimuno were ranking P1 for the term ‘prebiotics’ when it mattered most; in May 2017, Dr Michael Mosely praised the effects of prebiotics on insomnia in his documentary ‘The Truth About Sleep’ on BBC 2 and interest in the term rocketed overnight. We produced an in-depth article about prebiotics and sleep which is still one of the highest traffic driving pages on the site and has accumulated 26 LRDs including one from the Guardian. Not only that but little old Bimuno are outranking the BBC for BBC branded queries!

Bimuno Case Study

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The results

Through this combination of focused on- and off-page efforts, Bimuno.com saw a 329.28% increase in organic revenue and a 574.88% increase in organic sessions.

Our focus on audience needs at each stage of the funnel meant we were able to support customers through their journey to purchase and beyond. Our work building brand, authority and trust meant Bimuno were perfectly positioned to dominate during the huge spike in search demand following the BBC’s coverage of prebiotics. Our interesting and educational content continues to convert visitors by creating an understanding and demand for Bimuno’s products.