SearchLondon – Site Audits in 10 Minutes

10 minutes isn’t a great deal of time to cover the topic of site audits; but it’s definitely enough time to start looking into a website and gathering the all important 1,000 foot view on what issues might be impacting performance in organic search.

There’s certainly a lot to be gained from loading up a site in your browser and having a good old fashioned dig around. I’ve found that this approach is a great way to familiarise myself with a new client and figure out exactly what I’m going to be dealing with; of course with the opportunity to dive into a full site audit further down the line if required.

I decided to focus my ten minute presentation on this approach and talk about a few of the ways I’ll look around a site for that first initial glance.

A huge thank you to Search London for having me!

Site Audits in 10 Minutes from MRJonQ


Useful Plugins:

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3 thoughts on “SearchLondon – Site Audits in 10 Minutes

  1. Daniel Vareta says:

    In the first minute of the “10 minutes Site audit” I would run Screaming Frog. I also think this first minute would be the most important :)

  2. Jon says:

    Hi Daniel – Thanks for swinging by. I’d tried to focus this on what could be achieved with just a browser and some plugins. But yes, Screaming Frog is awesome – definitely on the list!

  3. Rafael Montilla says:

    Great tip!


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