Quick tips: successful content for FB and Twitter

by on 21st September 2015

Creating successful content isn’t just about writing page-long blogs posts and designing pretty infographics. On social media, every individual post is a piece of content to be polished and fine tuned for maximum effect. Here are some quick tips for two of the largest social networks businesses typically find themselves on:


  • Update at Different Times – If you’re just targeting a local audience, this might not be an issue. If you have a worldwide audience, however, one status update isn’t going to reach everyone due to varying time zones. Since you don’t want to tweet the exact same thing two or three times, create a few wording options for your tweets and spread them out across two or three different time zones at top times for each to reach as many people as possible.
  • Don’t Forget Keywords – Twitter search is becoming more and more important. If you want your tweets to be found by people searching for a particular keyword phrase, make sure to include it in your tweet. This is especially important if you are going to use Twitter Advertising options such as Promoted Tweets.
  • Include a Hashtag – You don’t want to include too many hashtags, but one or two can help get your tweet spread out to an even larger audience beyond your followers. Just make sure your hashtags are absolutely relevant and you aren’t just using them to jump on a trending topic.
  • Ask Questions – Tweets don’t have to be broadcasts. Get interactive with your audience by posting occasional questions. Replies and mentions help boost your Klout (if you care about that sort of thing).
  • Answer Questions – Having trouble coming up with good tweet ideas? Just use the following in the Twitter search box: keyword ? -filter:links. This should help you find questions from people interested in your industry. Just give some easy answers – it boosts your engagement level on Twitter and may even lead to new clients.


  • Use a Variety of Update Types – You have a few different options when it comes to Facebook status updates: text only, links, photos, and videos. Be sure to try to create variety in your Facebook content by publishing different types of updates. Photos and videos do the best – simply upload your file, then enter a description plus a link.
  • Encourage Engagement – Your status updates should often include calls to action such as “Like this update if ____” and “Tell us ____.” This will get more people to like and comment on your updates, thus boosting overall engagement on your page. The more people interact with your updates, the more people will see them.
  • Ask Questions – Speaking of encouraging engagement, asking questions is a great way to boost interaction. They don’t have to be strictly about your industry – if a major holiday is coming up, you could just ask what people’s plans are for the three day weekend or similar.
  • Add Content Through Custom Tabs – With Facebook, you aren’t just limited to updates on your wall. You can have up to 10 custom content tabs that include updates from other social networks, blog content, videos, welcome pages, and much more. Check out services like North Social, Involver, Pagemodo, and InlineVision to see the types of custom content you can create for your page.
  • Don’t Forget Content for Your Personal Profile – If you have a public personal profile or have lots of subscribers, don’t forget to create status updates that can promote your business to those people. An easy way to get your subscribers to notice your business – post status updates linking to your latest blog post!

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