SMX London 2008

SMX London 2008

I’m really pleased to be popping my speaking cherry at SMX London 2008! I’ll be speaking on the “Industrial Strength SEO” panel in the “Heavy Duty SEO” track.

In particular, (and thanks to my experience as UK SEO Manager at, I’m going to be discussing some of the organisational challenges faced by SEO’s and their teams in large organisations. If I’ve got time I’ll leave you with some SEO tips too.

On the panel is Bronco’s Dave Naylor, Gary Moyle, SEO Consultant at Guava and Adam Sherk, Search/PR Strategist at Define Search Strategies.

There’s an excellent agenda for this year so take a look. If any of you have any specific issues you’d like me to cover, please pop me a mail or a comment and I’ll try to work it into my deck.

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3 thoughts on “SMX London 2008

  1. Hey Richard,

    Good stuff.

    Look forward to seeing you there.

    Hope you are well,

    Allan Stewart

  2. Gary Moyle says:

    Hi Richard,

    Just wanted to say I really enjoyed your slot on the Heavy Duty SEO session. Your points about how to structure SEO teams in such large organisations were quite insightful. Great event to pop your speaking cherry at as well!

    All the best.

    Gary Moyle

  3. @Gary thanks mate – hopefully catch up soon!

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