Real Life Link Building Examples [SMX Advanced 2010]

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Yes, yes. Do a top 10 list. Got it. Attract links with rewards. Heard that. What else you got when it comes to link building? In this session, link builders share real life stories of how they obtained hard-to-get links. Is it the relationships, stupid? Focusing on what matters?

Tips and strategies, for the professionals, at SMX Advanced Seattle 2010 featuring Debra Masteler, Roger Monti, Gil Reich, Chris Bennet, Arnie Kuenn.

Building links for B2B sites – Roger Monti – Martinibuster

1) Target searching – use allintitle: “relevant keyword” resources
2) Backlink trolling – troll for sponsor or advertising opportunities and cherry pick the best. Don’t poach the backlinks (same links) of competitors. Cultivate your own set of backlinks: “sponsors” / “advertisers”
3) Association memberships – some associations link to their members. Do searches for member lists, restrict your searcg to .org and add in relevant keyword phrases to filter for your related groups. Don’t be afraid to expand your search to cover closely but not directly related groups
4) Paid links – carries risk, evaluate the risk tolerance before attempting to negotiate paid links
5) Broken link campaign – Flame-outs from the past are fertile hunting grounds, particularly for B2B sites. Once you have identified a dead internet page do a
6) Sponsorship campaign – “sponsors” “your keywords”
7) Free links – free links from web pages about your products / services often have phrases like “resources” and “where to buy” associated with them

Examples of targeted link requests – Arnie Kuenn – Vertical Measures

8) Pirate costume link – used Open Site Explorer to find relevant links and email and said “Ahoy Webwench, I like yer site…” – acquire a link by using the same language or style that the website’s tone is written in
9) Do some research before you contact a website. Try to find out if you can contact someone personally. Researched a site owner who claimed he could predict the next Miss America pageant winner. Started a conversation around hiring the webmaster to make predictions on another website
10) Look for broken links on a site, contact the webmaster, tell them about the broken links suggesting a fix with an updated URL
11) – connected and asked if they could contribute some content to their site and use the clients huge Twitter following to tweet the link as soon as the article was published – use your resources to drive traffic to a guest article on a target site
12) April Fools Day Prank – “Google opening SEO agency” – 27 days later Newswire editor turns the news into real news on their website – over 800 links coming into this post

Infographics – Chris Bennet – 97th Floor

What makes for a good infographic? Lots of data, information, presented and made “interesting” and visually appealing, aesthetically pleasing. Turn complex ideas into concepts that are easily consumed. Infographics are a 100% legitimate and natural way to build links and can set you apart from your competitors.

Chris’s infographic examples

13) STD’s across America –
14) Who owns the most servers –
15) Where does the money go? –
16) What is a petabyte – – (Seeded via
17) Commercial domains have a hard time playing in the social space – hence, a link bait project created for a loans credit site that has attracted over 50,000 backlinks in 9 months
18) Use guest virals, host your amazing infographic content on a partner publisher site to get initial exposure – this will skip the buries on Digg and take you straight to the traffic, just make sure when your viral is embedded on a guest site, it links back to your domain
19) Contact people who linked to you and thank them – notify them the next time you create good content and create virals on their behalf

How to get people to link to you by telling them how great they are – Gil Reich –

20) You rock! badges – confirming people’s expertise and get them to host a badge to your site
21) The SMX Advanced “I’m speaking” badge is a great example of this
22) Testimonials
23) Get awards – even give yourself awards

Write on sites that want good content and can deliver an audience

24) Keyman collect-ables – each time this guy gave a good answer linking back to his own site (??)
25) Ask a question on that leads to an answer that is in fact, your website
26) Leverage Youmoz’s power!
27) Enlightened self interest is ok – serve your community and that makes it perfectly acceptable for you to link to yourself
28) Disagree with a statement and ask for balance in an article
29) “Chase the community” – give, link out, be nice, try to be trusted and liked within a community
30) Common enemies – if a few folks mutually disagree with someone, the community who disagrees with that person together are more likley to cite you when they’re publicly disagreeing, too
31) Help people – charity widgets work well showing donation totals
32) Make it easy to link to you – eg the answers plugin for WordPress

Pump up your links – Debra Masteler – Alliance-Link

33) Use – – content is what’s driving links – create RSS feeds for all of the content that you’re producing on 3rd party sites with a link back to your site. Use RSS directories to then link back to you. into RSS directories. Sweet!
34) Use Yoast’s RSS Footer plugin
35) Use RSS for media leads – set an alert service from a publishers RSS list (Watchthatpage / Trackengine) Monitor for contact details on RSS feeds for major publisher sites (look out for email addresses etc)
36) White papers, Living stories, podcasts, News Streams, – Syndication is the word
37) Create podcasts (very hot for links apparently) – release your new stuff to the media (not the press!)
38) iTunes is awesome to get Podcasts out
39) Guest blogging is still the way – use SoloSEO to generate queries for great link building:

40) Widget bait – “baby ticker countdown”, “Mortgage calculator” – you can build those on and they “kind of ok” – great widgets syndicate news / items / links to relevant articles. Widget directories, widget galleries. Widgets are east to get built on
41) Use chatroulette – “link to us and we’ll give you a free xxx”
42) Microsites – buy blogs / old sites, rebrand them and use them as microsites
43) Use Linkinfluencer, SEObooks link hub tool, SEOmoz’s link intersect tool, social media for Firefox

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  1. Sweta Shah says:

    Thanks for sharing insights of SMX. Get lots of new idea for link building. Contest can be also good option to build backlinks.

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  3. haber says:

    it was educational about infographics, but you had me laughing all the way through. Great point on the traffic possibilities

  4. Great ideas. I have one for you too. I would love to see someone shadow someone who does nothing but build links for a living and construct a “day in the life” piece. I’ve always been curious about this — what is their process ? What level of customers are they selling to ? What types of agreements do they have with their customers ? Then all the steps – analysis, prospecting, targeting, engaging — could be a cool post (or series) — altho a lot of work :)

  5. web pages about your products / services often have phrases like “resources” and “where to buy” associated with them

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