Linkbuilding Tool Tip – SEOmoz Link Intersect + Top Pages on Domain

Here’s a quick and handy (and headsmacking) link building tool tip you should try the next time you’re link building for a client by using competitor back links data as a starting point.

We know that the “Competitive Link Finder” tool (or, “Link Intersect Tool”) offered by SEOmoz Labs offers insightful comparison on your competitors most powerful back links, with a useful notification if any of those back links are missing from your link graph.

My tip involves using two tools offered by Labs to get the most out of your link building strategy.

Here’s a search for the top 4 ranking sites for the term “Pears” with a comparision to a lesser ranking site:


Which reveals a report something like this:

pears links

Often a report like this can immediately expose valuable opportunities in contextually relevant, high value links. By expanding on the “# Linking Pages”, you get a quick summary of the urls on the linked from domain:


At this point, my advice is: don’t stop there! So often, an SEO would take this report and contact the owner of the site shown above to request to be included on any of the pages in the list. But, your job is to beat the competition, right?

Run that valuable new link opportunity through the Top Pages on Domain Tool

It’s no secret I’m the world’s biggest advocate of the SEOmoz Top Pages tool, and for good reason. It’s very, very useful. Copy your new target domain into the tool and run the top pages report:


Now you have a list of the most linked to pages on the domain target in question. To beat your competitor, if you’re going to be linked to from the same domain, get a more authoritative back link from them. Using these tools individually is powerful, but learning to use them together is awesome.

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8 thoughts on “Linkbuilding Tool Tip – SEOmoz Link Intersect + Top Pages on Domain

  1. Sweet tutorial, Richard! Instead of simply looking for just any backlinks on a site linking to your competition, targeting those pages with higher authority is absolutely a great idea. I haven’t played with the SEOmoz tool yet, but thanks to you, it is on my must-do list.

  2. Kyle Fabe says:


    great article. definitely a headsmacking tip that should be remembered and used more often.

    having used both tools, i know their value… however, using them as complimentary items yields amazing insights and opportunities!

    thanks for the great read!

  3. Tad Chef says:

    Can’t access the tool, even see it. I get redirected to “my account” and can’t find it there.

  4. That’s a really important point Tad, and perhaps something I should have made a note of in this post – those tools are “Pro” subscription tools – you have to be a paid member at SEOmoz to make use of them.

  5. Meaghan Fitzgerald says:

    I’ve been spending a lot of time on the Link Intersect tool on SEOMoz and really enjoyed your blog post about it as well but have been left with a few questions.

    The idea behind the Link Intersect tool is fantastic but unfortunately it doesn’t actually seem to work on a page basis, but rather on a domain basis. In your example, you use a page on the site about pears, however in the results from Link Intersect, one of the pages that comes up is which links to, but not the page you specified.

    This seems to make the tool much less useful, especially when you want to compete with specific pages on big sites.

    A company might not want to compete with very large domains for head terms but do think they can take on big players for mid-level terms – and the only way to get an accurate picture of why certain pages on those sites are doing so well – and be able to compete with them effectively – would be to see the power links coming into that exact page on that site.

    Am I missing a key feature of Link Intersect, or is there a better way to use it? Basically, I’m finding that any site that is big enough to cover a lot of different keyword topics has backlinks appear in Link Intersect that are not relevant to the page I am trying to improve.

  6. Sean says:

    I’ve been using this tool for a little while now and it provides a great look into your top competitive link opportunities. Excellent tool when starting a new link building campaign.

  7. Gabriel says:

    Richard, Thanks for sharing your Top Page passion. What a gift of information that is. It makes the link-god search much easier.

  8. PPC says:

    Nice Tip, thanks!

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