Google Testing Flight Search Results in UK

Unless anyone cares to correct me, I’m seeing a new type of flight search result in Google (UK) – the query was “flights to Barcelona” (as I’ll be flying over there on June 8th for DomainFest).

And here’s how the result looks when the “Show all non-stop routes” link is clicked:

expanded result

The expanded query pushes the organic search results all the way to the bottom of the page, effectively reducing the value of organic visibility to nil.

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10 thoughts on “Google Testing Flight Search Results in UK

  1. Peter Young says:

    Not seeing it myself however can’t help feeling its a sign of things to come particularly if the ITC deal goes through.

    From a purely cosmetic perspective, I can’t help thinking they could sex it up a little bit, as it doesnt look the most easy to navigate – however as with all things Google one wouldnt be suprised if this evolved significantly in the coming months

  2. Steve says:

    Interested to know how this could effect the flight comparison sites. This could be quite big news for them if it takes off.

    Google definitely looks to be going after the comparison space, interesting Panda spanked some sites in this space.

  3. Tom Barker says:

    I can’t see it either yet. Im surprised they haven’t used local factors more. Surely all other UK airports would be more useful/relevant than an alphabetical list of cities.

    Also have specific does it get Richard? Obviously lots of cities have more than 1 airport, would be interested to see how they solved that and what happens once you click on a city.

  4. Tom says:

    Do you think this could have a potential impact on travel agents themselves as links are direct to the airline, cutting out the intermediary from organic when viewing “show all”?

  5. Noticed Google playing about in these SERPs a little while ago they are more triggered on: flights from “destination” to “destination” type of query. It looks like they are stepping it up again from when a few of us noticed it in October last year (

    It will kill off most of the smaller players imo.

  6. Shane Jones says:

    Interesting to see that, versus the current flights to Barcelona results, they have reduced the number of topbox paid ads rather than nudging the organic results down further…

  7. harvey says:

    strikes me as the preliminary tests for integrating the ITA flight data (ITA deal was approved early last month…) i wouldnt be surprised if this eventually becomes very similar in design to kayak (well contains very similar details) eventually. Google as usual being rather quiet about it.

  8. David says:

    hmm… that’s gotta scare the shit out of a few affiliate sites… but I can’t replicate it but surprised they are testing it in the UK market first. It does look a lot like the simple answer queries such as australian dollar or london time

    i’m sure they will improve it’s UX sometime but not really a ground breaking release but would kill of a lot of those information queries that search engines like WolframAlpha seek to answer, but might push Bing Travel along a bit quicker…

  9. Very good point from David, the flight comparisson and search websites wont be to happy about this, who needs them when you can just use a search engine. I imagine the Sponsored Ad spot will rocket in value when this one fully launches.
    Will be interesting to see what sites the airline names take you to when clicked, I imagine it will be the airlines site but they could also link it to a reseller for a price.

  10. Jason Walker says:

    Very scary if your a comparisson site, first flights next ?

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