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by on 13th June 2016

When it comes to content marketing, video is a veritable chef-d’oevre —tapping into sound, visuals, and storytelling to hook viewers. You already know that video results in more conversions than most other forms of content marketing, so the only question that remains now is where do you seek out inspiration?

Well, chances are good that you already have content ripe for the picking. Here’s five tips on how you can get your creative juices flowing and start repurposing content for video marketing.

1. Start storytelling


Part of Staysure’s exposé on sustainable tourism features Yosemite’s discontinued Firefall spectacle. The article is compelling, but being able to see the Firefall recreated at the end of the article really drives the point home—and showcases what we’re missing now that the original is gone.

The point is, everyone loves a good story and you probably have some to tell too.

Repurposing strategies to consider:

  • Turn your About Us page into a video that showcases your areas of expertise, your rich history, and the community you operate out of.
  • Create a Video Documentary that teaches your audience something new through a story-telling medium.

2. Build your brand identity

Red Bull

What gets your heart racing more than an energy drink? How about extreme sports. Red Bull’s tied its brand to all sorts of thrills and daredevil sports, and they regularly post videos meant to thrill, entertain, and keep you tuned in to Red Bull TV.

Heart-stopping action might not be your cup of tea, but there’s bound to be content you can create that represents your brand.

Repurposing strategies to consider:

  • Ask a satisfied, high-profile customer if they’d be willing to collaborate with you on a Testimonial Video that you can then show off on your website.
  • Is your brand built on one key product? Create Product Demonstration videos that showcase how much easier life is with your offering.

3. Create something entertaining or inspirational

Old Spice Man

I wasn’t a fan of Axe’s older commercials, but their Find Your Magic campaign struck a chord with me. It’s funny, it’s to the point, and in a world full of ads trying to change who I am, it’s refreshing to see something body positive.

There’s no better way to reach customers a video that resonates emotionally or tickles a funny bone. I still go back and watch Old Spice’s Man Your Man Could Smell Like ads, and they’re more than six years old.

Repurposing strategies to consider:

  • Turn your mission statement into a Brand Video that showcases your company values.
  • Delivering a speech or seminar (such as TED Talk)? Record it, for a great niche-specific piece of inspirational content.

4. Offer practical information

Every marketer worth their salt knows about Moz’s Whiteboard Friday videos. With weekly deliveries of reputable and highly actionable tips, it’s hard not to love Rand Fishkin’s series.

But don’t let Moz have all the fun—great advice, bundled into a bite-size and creative offering, is something everybody wants.

Repurposing strategies to consider:

  • Create an Instructional Video, with step-by- step advice on how to use your product.
  • Turn your FAQs into video Q&A session, answering all the most important inquiries flooding your inbox.

5. Add a personal touch

Get Personal

The best thing about video is that it puts a face to your company and helps us feel more connected to your brand. Constant Contact is tapping into that feeling with their 2014 Thank You video.

When you make customers feel personally heard and appreciated, they’ll pay that consideration forward.

Repurposing strategies to consider:

  • Create Vlogs regularly and Thank You videos at special milestones to connect with your audience.
  • Make Personalised Videos a part of your email marketing campaigns. According to HubSpot, this results in an average of 19% more sales than non-personalised experiences.

Final Thoughts

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: one of the best places you can turn for this great content is by falling back on the content you already have. Repurposing content will help you engage your audience and it’s a killer strategy for maintaining your content marketing mojo on a tight budget.

For more inspiration, check out these posts by Richard Baxter and Jon Quinton on how documenting change, drawing on nostalgia, challenging conventions, and even tapping into YouTube playlists can help inform your content.

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