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SEO forecasting has forever been a hot topic of contention for digital marketers.

While organic search is a major acquisition opportunity for many brands it is typically competing for budget with performance channels that provide clear money-in, money-out projections. This leaves it swimming against the tide in an often short-termist, tactical environment where quick results are the requirement, regardless of how sustainable they are moving forward.

SEOs have spent years devising proxy metrics such as link numbers, vanity rankings and visibility to justify investment and returns, which make sense to people in the industry itself, but not necessarily to senior marketers at big brands, whose job it is to invest strategically in growth.

Routinely losing out on the ability to articulate what’s possible with SEO and how to achieve it is keeping brands hooked on paid advertising and driving up CPAs as a result.

Customers are losing, brands are losing, marketers are losing.

SEO forecasting typically has two major challenges.

The first of these is explainability; it’s incredibly important to be able to outline the factors which make up your forecast algorithm if it is to be believed by senior stakeholders. If there is no belief, there is no investment, and without investment a brand will become overly reliant on paid media and CPAs will skyrocket.

The second challenge is scale; organic marketing inherently requires demand and is therefore more susceptible to external events than other channels. Modelling the effects of each important event can be an intensive process which brings in further complexity.

How does Builtvisible Forecaster solve these challenges?

Our pioneering SEO strategy product Opportunity Sizing has been the basis of our forecasts since its inception – giving clients a future-facing view of achievable outcomes that speak to board room KPIs, not channel-based indications.

Over the past few months we have given this framework a major upgrade by integrating Opportunity Sizing directly with the NeuralProphet algorithm – the leading time series forecasting algorithm built for explainable forecasts.

NeuralProphet enables us to model the impact of various seasonalities, external factors and known events to build an accurate base forecast tailored to our clients’ business realities.

Controllable marketing inputs such as ATL activity, brand investment and paid media can accounted for, all of which have a direct effect on organic search, before Opportunity Sizing’s incrementality is folded into the model.

As its name suggests, NeuralProphet utilises neural networks to provide autoregression in a highly efficient way, meaning we can model in many more relevant predictors at scale and at pace.

The impact for brand marketers is significant, because Builtvisible Forecaster gives marketers workable projections that make sense within the wider context of their growth remit as opposed to siloed, channel-based estimates that see such a critical acquisition channel so often under-represented.

Getting this right is competitive leverage.

Very few brands have organic forecasting absolutely nailed at channel level, let alone as part of the strategic digital mix, so getting it right is inherent competitive leverage.

Being able to accurately articulate what’s possible with SEO, what it will take to get there, and how it will in turn reduce acquisition costs over time should excite any marketer looking to add massive value to their organisation. By seamlessly integrating NeuralProphet with our proprietary Opportunity Sizing technology, the art of the possible has become a lot easier to explain, understand and pursue.

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