The 5 elements of successful infographics

by on 22nd June 2015

Infographics are still all the rage. Here are some quick tips on making yours as successful as possible.

1. Keep Your Target Audience in Mind

This is true of any type of content, but especially so with infographics because they can be so widely spread. While you can create infographics about any and all random topics just for links, the ones that will bring you conversions are the ones that are designed to be shared on sites who have an audience that could be potential customers.

2. Get Facts & Sources Straight

Infographics are great for link building, but one of the reasons they may get discounted in the future is because of poor fact checking according to Matt Cutts. If you are including any numbers in your infographic, you need to back them up with reliable resources. Often times, quoting another blog is not good enough unless that blog is an authority in your industry. If you can’t verify a source, it’s best not to include it.

3. Invest in a Good Design

While there are good free tools like and which you can use to get started with infographics, you may want to invest in a good designer if you want your infographic to reach viral fame. Infographics are meant to be visually beautiful – poor design generally equals lower shares and links.

4. Include Your Name in the Footer

Since an infographic may be shared on a website that neglects to link back to yours, you should always make sure your business name is on the infographic prominently. If you can fit in your website, that is even better. That way people who really enjoy it will be able to get to its source regardless of whether it is linked or not.

5. Use Good Image SEO

Don’t just upload your infographic with the filename infographic.png or something equally as bland. Image SEO is especially important for infographics – be sure they have a strong filename that includes your business name and keywords if possible. Also include your business name and keywords in the ALT tag for the image on your website as well.

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