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Thanks to everyone who tuned in and joined myself and Dan last week for our ‘Content Strategy beyond Top 10s’ webinar. As always, it was a really enjoyable experience and we really do appreciate all the feedback and questions!

The idea behind the webinar was to explain our approach to defining a content strategy right from considering who your audience is, through to making sure your project gets in front of as many eyeballs as possible. The presentation also highlighted a selection of our favourite content types including ego-bait, collating resources, images and more. Of course, the possibilities are endless and it’s always going to be more about finding the right medium to tell your story than perhaps it is the format itself.

For those of you asking about the Google Docs Q&A research sheet – feel to have a play here.

Thanks again, and see you all on the next one!

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Content strategy beyond top 10s from MRJonQ

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