Blip. The musical Twitter.

I just discovered an interesting little site called Blip. Imagine Twitter. Now, change it slightly so you can preview / listen to music everyone else is listening to, update people on what music you’re listening to, and add a status message. I’m excited. Could this be a very clever spin on microblogging?

I have a feeling that Ciaran might actually like this. He’ll like the dofollows that’s for sure.

Here’s my blip:


Looks a little like Twitter. Here’s what it does..

You can tell people what music you’re listening to. Blip will search for a track and then you add it to your status. You can preview the track or use the previous / next functionality at the bottom of the screen to select new tracks. That’s a buy this MP3 link, by the way. It goes to Amazon..

It’s integrated with Twitter, so you could use the update status feature…

Finally, the SEO tip: Oh look, they don’t nofollow the links in the status bar!

I imagine there might be a few SEO’s in the MP3 industry on this site very soon…

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5 thoughts on “Blip. The musical Twitter.

  1. Glad you enjoy our lil site.


  2. Hi Arin, yes I do like the site! I’m not sure it will be “lil” for long though. It definitely has an appeal above that of Twitter, though Twitter has definitely taken first mover advantage in the micro blog scene. All the best of luck and thanks for commenting!

  3. Burgo says:

    Actually, I think Ciaran’s on there already… I’m sure I saw his profile floating around when I was messing around on there a while ago :)

  4. That wouldn’t suprise me!!

  5. Ciaran says:

    I did sign up for this a while back, meant to blog about it, forgot, cleared my browser history, couldn’t remember the URL and sort of forgot about it. Thanks for reminding me!

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