How To Uninstall AVG’s “Free Trial”

AVG “free” trial – but you can’t uninstall it!

I made the mistake of installing AVG 8 on Windows 30 days ago. Though it was ok, it was a little slower than the trusty free version (7). After my trial expired I decided to uninstall it. Oh, look! You can’t!

Screen shot of my Vista Desktop

Here’s a closer look at the error message:

Apparently there’s some kind of error, and no, a system restore doesn’t help. By default, Windows only stores the last 30 days of restore points.

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I highly recommend Revo Uninstaller, which should do the trick in removing all versions of AVG including 2012 and 2014. There’s a small fee, but it does the trick:

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10 thoughts on “How To Uninstall AVG’s “Free Trial”

  1. Sondra says:

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Denise says:

    I can’t uninstall AVG when I try I get a message Installation failed and when I click details I get this message.
    Installer initialization failed due to following error:
    Error: @AvgErrorCode_0x0253 %FILE% = “C:Program FilesAVGAVG8”
    I had previously tried to unistall it and it said it was uninstalled but it still shows in my programs. I was trying to install mcafee and it said it can’t because avg is installed and need to uninstall it. Please help i use this computer for work

  3. Hi Denise – to fix that particular problem, try re-running the installer and clicking “repair”. You might find this post useful. Good luck!

  4. andyg says:

    i cant uninstall AVG free 8 either. it just says “installation failed” and

    Local machine: installation failed
    Error: Action failed for file avgwdsvc.exe: stopping service….
    Error 0x8007041d

  5. 23445 Bev says:

    AVG has taken over my computer!! Can’t uninstall it and it won’t let me into anything without an annoying pop-up getting into my face!! AVG offers no advice. Who would ever do business with such a company. If they think they are going to get business this way, they better think again. This should be unlawful!! My computer has suddenly become useless! Help!

  6. Erik says:

    Never had a problem uninstallilng AVG… but Revo Uninstaller can uninstall anything. Get it at

  7. Eric says:

    Thx for the tip – I’d had a problem with vn 10.1136 (or something) failing to update definitions etc. Tried to update the program but got “General Error”. Tried to uninstall to do a clean reinstall, but avgwdsvc.exe could not be stopped, no matter what I did. Downloaded Revo, uninstalled AVG (failure again because Revo used AVG’s uninstaller, but then had Revo remove all registry entries and files and folders, which after a restart did the trick). Then did clean reinstall of latest version and hey presto! So thx again.

  8. jennifer steele says:


    i have the free version of avg, but by mistake ive got 2 avgs now, free version is ok, but the trial versions has overrited the free version. cant uninstall it, how do i get rid of the trial avg, any help would be great. many thanks, jenny

  9. Jayden Antoniou says:

    I had downloaded AVG Internet Security 2011, it expired a while ago now, but every time I try to remove it to download it again, it won’t work, I go into my control panel, I click “Add or remove software programs” then I search for AVG, and try to remove it, but it just minimizes the page and nothing happens. What should I do?

  10. bonnie says:

    My sister decided to download this just beacuse she couln’t find the free AVG will the over time trial coast you money i need to no!!!!

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