Analyse Your Anchor Text With The SEOgadget Anchor Text Tool

There hasn’t been as much blogging activity on this site in the past three weeks. For good reason, I’ve been on a (much needed) holiday after a mind blowing first 6 months of the year and, upon my return, I’ve been building a new toy.

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Image: Jared

You can now analyse your anchor text with the SEOgadget anchor text tool.

Analyse your top 10 anchor texts and image links to a page, domain or subdomain

The public version of the tool is free to use and if you find it useful, please give feedback.

anchor text tool

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What are the top 10 anchor text phrases to my SEO Jobs page?


How many root domain links contain relevant anchors to the top 5 ranking URLs for “SEO Jobs”?

external root domain chart

I’d just like to say a huge thanks to Kate and Sarah at SEOmoz, and for dealing with numerous, newbie API developer queries in the last week. If you’re considering developing a tool that uses the Linkscape Site Intelligence API – do! It’s a breeze and well worth the effort. Have fun and remember, my tool (not the API!) may be a little slow to start off with, consider it a beta release.

Above all things, I appreciate your patience and feedback!

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18 thoughts on “Analyse Your Anchor Text With The SEOgadget Anchor Text Tool

  1. Caliban says:

    Hi Richard

    The tool looks great, I’ve had a little play around and I love what you’ve done. It’ll save me hours every day looking up anchor text!

    Just a few questions, the internal links section wasn’t working on the domain I was testing, have I missed something?

    Secondly what does the flags column mean?

    Thanks again for a really great tool!

  2. John says:

    Nice little tool this thanks Richard

    looks like capitalisation in the domain ie Http:// rather than http:// throws it off – probably a minor concern, only noticed cos I’m typing on an iPhone.

    Good work.

    Ps- what’s with the partial rss feed?

  3. Hey there

    Yes you tend to find that with internal links, there will be many of 1 phrase, eg: “home”. I’m considering adding filtering to only show internals or externals which would improve this. Thanks for the suggestion – planning to enhance this in a few weeks, so I’ll add the idea into the melting pot.

    “Flags” is the api data that currently describes image links. I need to look at this again, as it’s caused a little confusion :-)

    Thanks so much for the feedback,

  4. Hi John,

    Yes capitalisation’s an issue – the linkscape API is case sensitive, so it’s a difficult one to decide on. I could change the inputs to lower case – but I bet some would find this just as confusing.

    Partial RSS – it’s an experiment to see what happens to traffic. Nothing, is pretty much the conclusion!

  5. Hi Richard,

    hope you had a good break. Its odd i got used to seeing your posts on a Tuesday and thought you had disappeared off the map!

    Any how this is a nice tool and i have already marked down as something to use in my job.

    Just a quick heads up i ran one query – worked, tried to re-run and the Spam check calculator would not except my entries, thought i got the first one wrong re-ran several times but keep getting the error: Invalid image string.

  6. Hi Matt,

    Ooh, that’s an interesting bug. I’ll check that out. For now I imagine it’s a session based thing. Anyhoo, you’ll be pleased to hear I have a few blog posts on the way and I promise to get back to my normal schedule :-)

    Speak soon,

  7. John, partial RSS has been returned to full RSS. Kind of makes sense anyhow – especially given we’re rocking PubSubHubbub. Thanks for the feedback.

  8. hi Cool,

    should have let you know i am on FF 3.6.6 and XP SP3 and was not using any fancy tool bars to mess things up.

  9. john says:

    hey richard

    I guess if you forced lowercase it would break file names which use capitals anyway.

    Good decision on the RSS I reckon, never understood the point of partial feeds unless you’re using CPM/ CPC ads. Cheers

  10. James Tayo says:

    Cool tool. I know a paid tool that has this functionality.. and here you are offering it for free. Thanks for adding value.


  11. Ian says:

    Thanks. I’ll keep an eye on this tool to see how it progresses. I’ve done this kind of stuff in Excel, but a tool to fire up some quick analysis could be useful. I’d really like a tool where I could take a client’s anchor text distribution, then produce SERP competition industry averages to do comparative analysis on a graph. Mozrank is a useful metric I guess, but statistics about the average PA/DA/TR of links for each anchor text would be awesome. Oh I’m greedy.

  12. Jon says:

    Thanks, for a neat anchor tool to use, I was playing on this similar idea but haven’t started yet. comparing this to the competitor is ideal!

  13. A superb S.E.O tool and just as useful seeing it is free! invaluable in carrying out research / testing in the stage of any new S.E.O campaign being undertaken.

    Thank you Richard

  14. Christina says:

    What a great tool, very easy to use, I just tried it. Thanks.

  15. Glad you like it Christina, thanks for dropping by!

  16. Great tool. Easy to use, very handful. Thanks
    On one of testings, I see in same row, flag and term or phrase. Are that terms alt attributes from images that are linked to site or I’m missing something?

  17. very nice tool.i think Aleksander thet thouse are alt attributes!

  18. Wine Dine says:

    Neat tool will give it a try.

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