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Casio: G-SHOCK #NevergiveUp

Casio - Never Give Up
An interactive, multi-medium story concept designed to communicate and inspire; this campaign focuses on stories about incredible people doing incredible things in line with G-SHOCK’s mantra ‘never give up’. The campaign appeared in extensive national outdoor advertising, print advertising and online through digital channels and social media. Builtvisible are proud to provide the research and web development for a sequence of five creative campaigns devised by Kash.

This mobile first interactive is based in HTML5 and uses the Google Maps API and custom JavaScript development for data visualisation

– HTML5 Video
– CSS3
– Custom JS / Google Maps API

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Intuit on the Future of the Office

An interactive, long form story concept designed to inspire a forward thinking attitude to the working environment
Intuit: Death of the Office
Intuit’s Quickbooks online is a cloud based accounting solution. We took an in-depth look at how the cloud and other technologies are shaping the world of work. Intuit are a forward-looking and progressive brand who love to look at new and alternative approaches to work. By collating information from a variety of authoritative studies on the topic, we explored gaining consensus of where the world of work is heading.

The interactive is based in HTML5 and uses CSS3 and a little JQuery to work.

Coverage we received included FastCoCreate, FlexJobs, and ZDnet.

– CSS3
– Jquery.js

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Interactive Content With Mobile Support for the Automotive Industry

Classic Car Faults – an exercise in “really targeted outreach” to win authoritative contributors to a fully responsive interactive development project.

Common Classic Car Faults was an interactive exploration into issues encountered regularly with classic cars. The development work itself was prototyped before the design work was begun. This allows the designer to understand fully the functional specification of the work without a large brief. The project uses our forked version of Mootools.js to optimise load times for mobile devices.

Common Classic Car Faults used our “Really Targeted Outreach” process to find content contributors from each of the most authoritative classic car clubs around the UK. The contributors were then able to share the finished work with their respective audiences.

– Mootools.js
OpenDaws (our responsive css framework)
– HTML5 / CSS3

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Interactive Content Generates Bookings for Hotel Group


Swissotel hired us to help with their digital strategy for key locations across the globe. Understanding the complexity of their target audience (high end / business and luxury travel), our team put forward a number of creative ideas to satisfy the needs of their target audience.

The Ultimate Guide is an interactive HTML5/CSS3 infographic, with JQuery components for the interactive visualizations. The guide is intended to help people who may need a hand with local etiquette during business travel, and has found to be a contributor to the site’s hotel bookings, in fact, it outperformed Swissotel’s email and affiliate channels in assisted conversions for a period of months after launch.

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Interactive: Messages In The Deep

“Messages in the Deep” tells the remarkable tale of the underwater internet

Messages in the Deep is a long form interactive article. Studying the incredible history of the topology of the physical internet, the article contains interactive map componentry, incredibly detailed research and most importantly, innovative story telling. To take any topic and create a compelling commentary from the results is one thing, but to deliver a piece of work of this complexity on budget, on time and to scope is another matter altogether.


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Popular Coverage across the United States for Movoto’s Music Map

Widespread pickup in mainstream news outlets for Movoto’s embeddable map

We devised an interactive map that charted America’s music preferences built in Javascript using jQuery that utilizes SVGs, functions on mobile and can easily be placed in an iframe and given to the press. We organized a simultaneous release in both Time and Spin as well as shares from influential members of the media to get this asset its initial piece of visibility.

– JQuery
– Embedded Data in JSON
– HTML5 Audio

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Long Form Content: HTML5 Video & Highcharts.js

“Thrust – The Need For Speed” is a theoretical exploration into a long form content concept.

Using our prototype first approach, we explored what is possible with simple HTML5/CSS front end development and Highcharts.js integration. Layout and function were developed before the visual and creative works were carried out. This approach (we call it “function over form”) leads to fewer, if any development issues after design work is done, because our designer is already working to style the functional content piece.

– Highcharts.js
– OpenDaws (our css framework)
– HTML5 / CSS3
– HTML5 Video
– Built via rapid prototype

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