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SEO for faceted navigation

by on 21st June 2018

Faceted navigations are popular on ecommerce sites because they allow users to refine a large selection of products down to a more specific selection, helping them quickly find exactly what they’re looking for.

However, the effects of faceted navigations on organic performance are often overlooked, leaving large-scale ecommerce sites with a set up that either ignores long-tail opportunities, or one that generates so many pages it creates issues with duplicate content, internal keyword cannibalisation, huge crawl budget waste and indexation bloat.

At STAT City Crawl London, I highlighted some of the major issues faceted navigations can create on large scale ecommerce sites and went beyond ‘best practices’ to deal with complex sites and navigations. I ran through an actionable process to identify problems caused by faceted navigations and how we used it to improve one of our client’s organic performance.

You can find my slides below, along with some recommended reading to provide further information.

Recommended reading

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  1. I’m curious why the four options in this presentation (robots.txt disallows, meta noindex, rel=canonical and rel=nofollow) don’t include Solution 1: AJAX from

  2. Well, I think that an optimised faceted navigation can help your site rank for a wider set of terms, it also represents a high risk when not properly handled. Thanks for sharing such an informative piece of content.

  3. Finding right keywords is pretty hard. I believe in power of keywords, so I always make deep niche research with many tools.Thanks for the wonderful tips. I think Google search query with the keywords everywhere is the best for finding the perfect keyword

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