Discussion: Get the Most From Your SEO with Will Critchlow [Distilled]

Some time ago I joined my good friend Will Critchlow at Distilled to discuss “how to get the most from your SEO”.


Listen to the MP3 here:


Though I believe a write up is on it’s way from Distilled soon, I must say it’s definitely worth a listen, particularly if you’re looking for strategies that will (operationally) help you get the most from your SEO campaign.

I must say listening to the session I recall how enjoyable this format can be, and how enjoyable making the recording was – certainly a welcome break from the standard blog / writing style you’d usually expect from a pair of hardened SEO bloggers!

What would you like to hear?

If you’d like to hear more – register for Distilled’s conference calls here. If you have suggestions for discussion topics, do feel free to suggest them in the comments or via the contact form on this blog.

By the way – the term we mutually agreed not to use was “get buy in“. It just doesn’t do the effort required to get an organisation to agree and understand SEO strategy any justice at all (in my humble opinion).

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