Making Your SEO Reporting, Actionable.

With Builtvisible’s SEO Management, Task Tracking & SEO Reporting Software



No More Reporting

Monthly SEO reports by email are a pain for us, and according to our client research, they’re not always that useful for agency clients, either.

For agencies like Builtvisible, that all too familiar, email reporting format is inflexible. Your data only stays up to date for a short while, and reports can take up to a day to fully prepare.

Campaign Reporting, Search Engine Ranking, Traffic, SEO Project Management and Task Tracking

We’ve made campaign reporting and project tracking a more productive, accessible and meaningful experience. You can make access to your data easily possible at anytime to your team, to any stakeholder in your business, a contractor and even other agencies.


Track your campaigns, manage your tasks, manage your team and watch your organic visibility grow while keeping an eye on your competitors.

Easy Collaboration with Multi User Access

You can invite any contributor, assigning your colleagues or contractors project tasks while maintaining better, more regular contact with your consultants at Builtvisible.

We’re excited to introduce you to our software – Builtvisible’s brand new campaign reporting, tracking and task management platform.

Here’s a Few of Our Features:

Follow Your Overall Site Performance and Track Task Status

Your Overview report gives quick and easy insight into your Organic traffic, SEO visibility in Google, task prioritisation and any important project group messages for your attention.

Reporting: “Month on Month” High Level Performance Summary for Traffic, Goals, Links and SEO Visibility

Our monthly management report includes all of the important data points, including month on month and year on year traffic and conversion deltas. We include this month’s new links, with their social performance.

Clicking through gives you data on traffic and revenue driven by each link:


Track Monthly Traffic Growth: Sessions, New Users, Visibility and Goal Performance:

We support all of the goal configuration you already have in GA. Aside from standard goal reporting, you can drill down to see which links drive the most traffic and conversions, too.


Search Engine Visibility: Track Your Rankings and Gain Insight into Your Competitor’s Movements

Our platform has very fast, very powerful rank tracking capabilities: mobile and desktop, with multi language, multi geo-location tracking. You’re going to love what we’ve built:


You can group keywords using tags, and track competitor domains that you’d like to watch:


Of course, our data shows you individual detail, like ranking URL and keyword history, so it’s very east to drill down into a particular search result, evaluate your own performance, and even check which pages are most performant for that ranking.

We can identify the “type” of rankings (local, answers, organic, etc.) and provide a search volume for each keyword, too.


Click through to an individual keyword to see ranking history for your own site, and identify the fastest moving competitor URLs, too:


Keep track of important pages on your site and links we’ve built for you

Our platform comes with a “links dashboard” which includes a number of reports including “Top Organic Pages”:


By combining page level link data and traffic data we can effectively identify quick win traffic opportunities in your campaign, report on each URL’s performance and show you which new links are driving traffic and revenue:


Manage your marketing project with Team Tasks and Messages

When you’re running a complex, multi market, multi activity campaign, good SEO project management can make a huge difference to your productivity:


Not only will your current projects be available for view, you can create your own or respond to any current task in the list.

You’ll also be able to add new users to your project, so others can see, add to or comment on tasks in your account.

If you like what you see and you’d like to find out more, contact Builtvisible today. We’re specialists who love SEO, search and creating content that communicates ideas & builds brands.

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