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Richard Baxter

Richard is the Founding member of digital agency, Builtvisible.com

Richard founded Builtvisible in September 2009. Since then he has grown a one man consulting startup agency into a 40 strong, industry accredited digital agency based in the heart of trendy Shoreditch, London.

More about Richard

Richard brings extensive experience in digital marketing, having begun his career in search in 2003. Having worked in highly competitive verticals including travel, finance and retail throughout his career, Richard understands what is required to perform well in a crowded, competitive marketplace.

Away from Builtvisible, Richard is an investor in several technology agency and retail orientated startup companies.

With his remaining time, Richard races sports prototype cars, competing in the 2017 Radical Challenge Championship. If you want to follow his racing career, find @richBracing on Twitter.

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