A complete list of embed code, social card, Href lang, Schema and meta code generators

Over the course of the past decade or so, lots of new standards for metadata have appeared.

For social sharing, it’s thanks to Open Graph Protocol (OGP) tags, Twitter Cards, and support from social media channels like LinkedIn, Pinterest and Slack. For SEO, developments like href lang and schema for rich snippets have added complexity too.

If you’re publishing new content, it’s a given that the content will preview nicely in whatever channel its shared on.

Quick Navigation: A complete list of embed code, social card, href lang, schema and meta code generators

  1. Meta tag generators
  2. Social card generators
  3. Href Lang generators
  4. Embed code generators
  5. Schema / JSON-LD generators
  6. Debuggers and testing tools

When you publish a new webpage, the meta information supplied in the head of your page describes the content on the page. That same code is intended to make the mechanism of sharing slightly simpler on platforms like Twitter and Facebook, giving the content owner full control over the presentation of the preview card on each social channel.

There are lots of tools that generate the code to do this, with some significantly more powerful and useful than others. On that note I’ve compiled a list of the best social card, meta and href lang generators below.

Perhaps the oldest and most familiar meta code we use is titles and meta descriptions to manage how our sites appear in search. So let’s start with a list of tools that generate meta code for SEO.

Meta tag generators

SEObook’s Meta Medic

This tool from Aaron at SEObook is a simple tool that generates the meta code for a title, description and keywords tag (very much not in use in modern SEO, however).

seobook meta generator

Head to the tool here.

Add.me Meta Generator

This slightly more advanced meta code generator features (oft unused options) such as distribution, copyright year and rating. Also included are robots indexing directives such as noindex. Read more about how to use Robots.txt rules including wildcards, the X-Robots-Tag and noindex indexing directives to keep your content out of Google here.

Head to the tool here.

Social media: social card / tag generators


Meta Tags is a tool to debug and generate meta tags including Open Graph for Facebook and Linkedin, Twitter Cards, Pinterest and Slack. With Meta Tags, you can preview your content, which is super handy.

meta tags io

I really like this tool as it’s probably the most complete in the bunch. The preview functions are ace. Do remember that your social card is hosted on their servers for the purposes of generating a preview, so remember to update the URL of the social images after you’re done.

Head to the tool here.

Meta Tags

meta tags

Metatags.co appears to be slightly more technically complete, offering options to support video content and device type.

Head to the tool here.

Web Code tools

web code tools

Jason Macfarlane’s Webcode.tools site is extremjely powerful and covers the full library of Open Graph and Twitter Card options, so if you markup data for a music album or a new retail store, this tool has you covered. It also generates JSON-LD, HTML5 templates and more.

Head to the tool here.

Href lang code generators

The hreflang Tags Generator Tool by Aleyda Solis

href lang code generator

Aleyda’s tool helps you to generate hreflang tags patterns for use in the different language and country versions of your pages. The tool has been carefully developed using the correct values and syntax following Google’s specifications, with ISO 639-1 for languages and ISO 3166-1 Alpha 2 for countries.

This is a great tool to develop the patterns you need to brief a developer on an international language implementation.

Head to the tool here.

Sistrix Href Lang Generator

sistrix href lang code generator

Generate your hreflang tags with this excellent tool from Sistrix. Create your hreflang link-attribute markup for your multi-language website while keeping the bi-directional nature of the links in mind. You can validate your hreflang link-attribute markup with the tool they’ve provided here.

Head to the tool here.

Embed code generators

Builtvisible’s embed code generator

We’ve provided a simple embed code generator for years! Enter your asset details in the form provided, and the results will be displayed below.

Here it is:


embedly embed code generator

Embedly is the best all round embed code generator for YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, Facebook Image, Facebook Video, Vine and Twitch embeds.

Head to the tool here.

Rich snippets code generators (JSON-LD / Schema Markup)

Schema Markup Generator (JSON-LD)

schema markup generator

Use this Schema.org structured data generator from Technicalseo.com to create JSON-LD and Microdata markup for events, organisations, product pages and more. The tool comes updated with all of the required item properties and more.

It’s handily integrated with Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool, too – just click “Validate” to test your newly created markup and it send the code straight to the testing tool.

Head to the tool here.

Debuggers and testing tools

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google all provide testing tools for structured data and social card markup. They all have slightly different names but seem to be easy enough to find in Google:

Here are the links:

Usefully, you can reset the cache that Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin use, so if you update a post (especially if you update the social card image), you only need to inspect your content (use: Scrape Again, in Facebook’s case) and the page will be refreshed. Very handy!

If you think we’ve missed any out here, do please let me know in the comments.

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