Guide to Conversion Rate Optimisation

The good path

1. Set up funnels

Find out where people don’t convert by using tools such as:

Analyse the point at which users enter your site until the point they exit and identify the missing links.

Track phone calls with

2. Analytics

Build up a profile on what’s happening on the site by using tools such as

Analyse your forms, click density and user behaviour

3. Barriers

Find out why people don’t convert by using tools like

Set up page level and on-exit surveys. Resolve problems early with live chat.

Builtvisible tips

  1. You only need to ask one survey question
  2. Open ended questions allow users to really express their opinions
  3. Ask if they would like their responses to be followed up. Acquire their email address and solve any problems.

4. Go offline

  • Speak to sales staff to discover their thoughts and any potential barriers they face when they sell and use the site.
  • Become a secret shopper – create scenarios i.e rude customer vs. extremely polite vs. technically challenging – test how your staff deal with it
  • Speak to your customer service staff in order to find out the common problems users have.

5% in retention=25 to 85% in profitability

The bad path

Green buttons convert better than red ones

Desaturate your logo colours to improve conversion rate

Have an arrow next to your call to action will increase your conversions.

Short pages convert better than long pages

Pink don’t work on the web when defining shades.

A British Flag in your logo acquires more leads.

“Let’s not do any A/B multivariate testing. I think we should launch it live and see what happens…”

If you follow best practices and avoid testing then please turn yourself in.

If it doesn’t work here’s why


If people don’t trust your site then changing the colour of your buttons is like waiting for your cat to bark.

5. Prospect for missing links

  • Gather expert reviews about your products
  • Build a community, create a platform for gamification
  • Create referral programs like refer a friend and email a friend
  • Collect media mentions i.e featured in magazines, newspapers, expert writer’s mentions/comments on your brand
  • Exploit testimonials and customer reviews about your products and site

1 in 4 people use online reviews before paying for a service

8. Testing

‘One accurate measurement is worth more than a thousand expert opinions’ – Admiral Grace Hopper

We agree with the Admiral, test your designs with tools such as

6. Strengthen AOV

  • Using effective promotions, gifts, samples, free trials, competitions, sales & offers
  • Creating bundles and saving packs to give the customer value
  • Rewarding customers with loyalty cards and effective rewards systems

7. Wireframe the solutions

Create visual mock-ups with tools such as

List and prioritise the main conversion killers and derive solutions on how to fix it and increase conversion

44% of companies use split testing software, it should be 100%

8. Testing

‘One accurate measurement is worth more than a thousand expert opinions’ – Admiral Grace Hopper

We agree with the Admiral, test your designs with tools such as

Builtvisible tips

  1. Don’t test too many things, have a clear hypothesis
  2. Attach CrazyEgg or ClickTale on the variations to monitor the difference in click density and interaction. If you’re optimising a form, ClickTale can be great at showing you the difference between the original and the test
  3. Run a page level survey on variations and ask the same questions, and monitor the difference
  4. Test your variation in multiple browsers and versions
  5. Test your designs across phone types. Mobile Moxie is a great tool for testing across different phone types

9. reviews

  • Analyse the test results, structure follow up tests to build on success or failure
  • Try applying winning test candidates to other pages on the site or even other media channels such as magazine, brochure ware
Repeat the process

Builtvisible uses this methodology to increase conversion for all of their clients. Want to increase your site conversion? Find out more at