Emily Rodgers

Driven by a need to engage, convert and make sure every last comma is in the right place, Emily is Builtvisible’s specialist in the written word. Having worked in the marketing space for nigh on 10 years, with five of those writing for some of the biggest names in retail, she understands the value of copy and the central role it plays in the customer journey.

A self-confessed logophile, she makes it her mission to turn stats, SEO best practice and the most suitable words into stories that reach the right audience. When she’s not emulating the voices of our clients or giving her two cents in an ideation, she’s helping with our in-house efforts as the agency’s resident grammar police.

Outside work, she can commonly be found sitting in a theatre, pounding London’s pavements and instructing passers-by on the difference between ‘that’ and ‘which’.

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