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PPC and SEO working together – a mutually beneficial approach

by on 12th June 2018

SEO and PPC are often two very separate activities running independently of one another. Surprisingly often, neither team will have been introduced to the other, let alone have worked together.

It’s surprising because both teams are trying to achieve the same objective: prominent visibility in SERPs and increased traffic and revenue.

At Search Marketing Summit Sydney 2018, I presented a mutually beneficial methodology of running SEO and PPC campaigns together to increase the effectiveness of PPC spend and improve SEO targeting. This process aims to identify and minimise inefficiencies in a search portfolio and strategically utilise both marketing channels for the greatest gains.

My slides are below, along with some recommended reading to provide further information.

Recommended reading

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  1. Hey Robyn, thanks for the preso. Didn’t realise you had a PPC disclaimer in the deck considering the barrage of PPC questions that you got after the presentation lol

    Also, came across an article that is in a similar vein to yours:

    • Hi Sush, indeed there were a lot of interesting questions and discussions following the talk!

      Thanks for the similar article – it’s good to see other people integrating SEO and PPC :)

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