Let me back in! The re-inclusion process from start to finish?

by on 2nd September 2012

Today’s short, and particularly sweet post comes at the end of an epic link removal mission for a site that approached us after they’d been hit (badly) by the Penguin update.

For those of you who have never seen a Google Webmaster Tools re-inclusion request acknowledgement, straight up decline and eventually, a “positive” – here they are.


“Nothing to see here. Yes, we’ve received your request. No, we can’t tell you when you’ll hear back.”

No, Can’t Help You

“We think you should go and think about what you’ve done for a little longer. We don’t forgive you! Go, clean up your act some more!”

OK, You’re Back

“We’ve reviewed your site. What?”

I had to check in with a group of close friends on this, and check in with someone who definitely knows what this means. It’s good, mostly. We’ve seen *some* recovery but not a complete recovery since this message. Hardly surprising, we removed at least 300 linking root domains from their profile.

It’s the last message that left me happy, sad, hopeful, but confused. Here’s the deal, I for one would enjoy a tiny bit more specificity in the response, a “hi! welcome back – now, behave!” would have been awesome.

On Link Removal

A few weeks back we hosted a webinar on the topic of link removal – if you missed it, here’s the video:

Check out the full post here.

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