5 Favourite Keyword
Research Tools

by on 8th September 2015

Keyword research can be a time-consuming and laborious task at times, but one that is extremely important to both SEO and content strategies. Thankfully, there are a variety of tools out there to help you collect and process your data. Here I take a look at five of my favourites.

SEOgadget for Excel

Our SEOgadget for Excel plugin has been a huge success. It’s free and saves an infinite amount of time if you’re trying to get hold of web or mobile search volumes in your language and location. Just yesterday I used it to pull 17,000 search volumes for a client’s keyword research project.

It took me half a day to build the same level of epic Excel spreadsheet that two years ago would have taken me a full week.

SEO Tools For Excel

To capture lots of keyword inspiration, you might consider generating a keyword strategy based on a competitors site crawl (large site dynamic SEO can be so predictable).

Neils Bosma made this process even easier with his amazing Excel plugin.

Neils Bosma you rock!

Gathering the H1, H2, <title>, meta description and keywords is so much easier thanks to the functions you see above. I know Neils has recently updated his plugin with even more features, so go check them out.

Alchemy API: VB Script for Excel

For a few years I’ve had a VB script based Excel plugin to gather data via the incredible Alchemy API. You can download the Excel macro here. Process a list of URLs and receive a list of keywords – from which you can generate search volumes using the Adwords plugin above. What’s not to like?

alchemy api


Ubersuggest is the tool to generate thousands of potential keyword ideas. Just add a keyword, select your language and boom! Keywords. The latest incarnation of the tool also scrapes Google News suggest. Nice.



XPathBuilder is built to make generating xpath queries easier for scraping services like Yahoo, Bing and Google search. It’s really easy to learn how to do this yourself, but I must admit I love the idea from a timesaving point of view – a specific query generator for a very specific task. I’d be very pleased to see this develop further.


Scraping QA services for inspiration


This is a quick GDocs scrape hack I cobbled together to demonstrate how pulling data from QA services can be useful for inspiration. In the SEOmoz QA system you can gether data on who is answering, post titles, number of responses and the like. Very useful to see what’s popular, perhaps to justify a blog post! Here’s my Google Docs demo (head to “SEOmoz QA Blog Post Ideas”)


The old classic – an insanely easy way to concatenate combinations of new keywords ready to go into your favourite search volume checker. It’s one of my personal favourites!



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