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Content analytics that tells the right stories to the right people, drives strategy and delivers growth.

Everybody is creating content, but very few know why. You have to do it because your competitors do it, but what if there was another way?

Our data consultants help marketers and content professionals prove the value of their work, make informed, strategic decisions and boost growth through content that won’t be questioned.

Content, quantified.

If your content doesn't report metrics for the channels it services, it doesn't deserve to exist.

Brands are often so desperate to justify their investment in content, they find themselves building convoluted reports with retro-fitted goals based on how the campaign ended up performing, as opposed to how they intended it to perform.

This level of subjectivity leaves them unable to create proactive, coherent and valuable strategies that demonstrably add value and warrant the budgets assigned to them.

We help people have exciting conversations about content where no-one ever asks "so what?"

Unearthing, sharing and applying the data that content produces is a missed opportunity for many of the most exciting brands on the planet.

So much so that our specialist data team was built specifically to tackle these challenges over half a decade ago.

Since then, they have worked with brands that dare to be different to drive growth by achieving clarity on the value of content, aligning disparate internal teams behind straightforward business KPIs and reporting the numbers that matter to the people that care.

How will our data specialists help you?

From measuring the impact of what you already have to justifying future content budgets, our content analytics and data consultants exist to help future-facing brands invest intelligently in content and grow revenue.

  • Content measurement planning
  • Content attribution
  • Content reporting and insights
  • Dashboarding
  • Content measurement training & workshops

What does good content measurement look like?

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