Addressing site quality – why building great content isn’t enough

Over the last couple of years, there’s been a real focus on improving the search experience through quality-focused algorithm updates.

Google’s making it harder for sites with a high ratio of low quality indexable pages to perform well organically.

If your site has thin, low quality, low relevance pages, performance will inevitably suffer – now and in the future – regardless of how many links you throw at it.

Search Marketing Summit Sydney 2018

At Search Marketing Summit Sydney 2018, I went beyond just “building great content” and highlighted some fundamental activities, tools and further reading to actively tackle and improve site quality.

My slides are below, along with some recommended resources to provide further information.

Recommended reading

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  2. Solving Site Architecture Issues for SEO
  3. Faceted Navigation for SEO Best Practices
  4. User Intent: Giving Your Audience What They Want
  5. Retailers: Improve your category pages before building links to your site

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