A day in the life of: our Head of Digital PR

Next in our Day in the Life series we caught up with Head of Digital PR, Olivia. She took us through some exciting projects she’s working on, her hopes for the future, and why the impact of COVID actually created some of her favourite Builtvisible memories.

What first attracted you to Builtvisible?

At the time I knew I wanted to work in a creative environment, having come out of university and realising I didn’t want to pursue the path that perhaps I was meant to go down. I was looking at a lot of creative agencies and I actually found out about Builtvisible through a housemate. I looked at the website and really liked what I saw. What really attracted me is how humble, and welcoming they came across. I loved that they were open to hearing from candidates who maybe didn’t have all the boxes ticked, but had the right attitude. That all made it very appealing to apply for…and seven years later, here I am!

Describe a typical day.

This is something that I get asked a lot when I’m interviewing people, and what I say is no one day is ever typical, no matter what role you’re in.

For example today I kicked things off super early, the reason why is because I’m finishing early to finally see my team face to face. We’re having a social, I can’t wait!

I started the day reviewing some blog posts that I’m doing for marketing and have since had a number of different meetings with different departments. I had a catch up with Will Nye, who heads up our SEO team and our in-house developer to check on some developments on the horizon when it comes to some digital PR reporting work that I’m doing, which is super exciting.

I had a monthly check-in with my team where we see how things are going, talk about any exciting projects, any new products, any challenges, any opportunities, that sort of thing. I caught up  with our HR administrator in terms of hiring, because at the moment I’m actively looking for new and ambitious PR executives. We were reviewing how things are going there, and also planning a returnee onboarding, which is quite exciting and not a situation I’ve been in before.

So no one day is typical! I think working in an agency really calls for that sort of agility and being able to have fingers in many different pies and bouncing from one opportunity to the next.

What is the most exciting project you’re working on at the moment?

Certainly digital PR reporting! This is something that I would say the industry hasn’t quite got right yet and it’s something that’s really important for us. While we have existing processes, they can certainly be more efficient and less time consuming, to give our guys more time on the analysis and putting together insights so it’s more meaningful information for our clients.

I’ve been working with our head of SEO, our in-house developer, our performance director, client services – it’s a whole cross department project! We’re building a really dynamic digital PR reporting framework, so it’s super exciting.

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How would you describe the Builtvisible culture?

It’s unlike any other, really! I would really describe us as a family. That’s something that I say all the time when I’m interviewing people, that really is how we operate. We very much have an open door policy, so no matter what team you’re in, no matter how long you’ve been at the company, no matter your title, everybody is super welcoming and encouraging. If you have a question for Geoff, our Managing Director, then no matter who you are, he wants to hear from you. 

What are your favourite Builtvisible perks?

This is going to be a bit cheesy, but I would actually say the people. Obviously our perks are incredible, we’ve got great healthcare and a particular focus on mental health and wellbeing. But I think it’s hard to find people like this and you just can’t beat them really. For me, that’s the number one perk and I think that’s reflected in our office culture. Everybody loves the socials and generally it’s just such a nice place to be in and to work together.

Have things changed since COVID hit?

I think it’s made us stronger as an agency and as a team.

Specifically when it comes to digital PR, it did really demand having to pivot. This is something that we were naturally doing anyway by virtue of our project plans and the fact we’ve always been really agile. So it didn’t really change anything but it just bolstered and really emphasised how important it is to just be ready and able to pivot quickly.

It also showed the importance of having empathy for our clients. Last year, everybody had a difficult time, not just agencies, every single person in every single industry. I think that just hammered home the importance of understanding this and leveled the playing field a little bit. Sometimes people can interpret an agency/brand relationship as a sort of us and them, but COVID did help balance things out and remove any barriers.

What is your best Builtvisible memory to date?

That is a very difficult one. I’ve been here seven years, there are many great memories! I’ll try and pick one that’s not surrounding getting super drunk but we do have some fantastic socials, and they are definitely something to shout out about!

Maybe this is a bit of a weird one, but I’d say the experience of COVID is the best memory. The reason why is because when it hit it was scary for everybody involved, but it has cemented us as an agency.

It’s been really cool for us as a collective to pull together, to experience everything together, good and bad, to bask in wins and reflect on challenges, even more so than ever before. I think that’s made us just stronger than we ever have been.

Reflecting on it now it’s as if almost COVID didn’t happen in the sense that we’re going through the biggest period of growth this agency ever has ever had, which frankly is a huge success story and something to be so proud of.

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What are your hopes for the agency for the future?

To stay true to who we are. I feel like there’s often a bit of a fear that as you grow, you might lose some of that fabric perhaps, or those values.

I don’t personally see that ever going away, but I guess that’s my main hope to continue moving in the right direction, staying true to our values and staying true to delivering the most meaningful agency experience.

What is your proudest moment?

My proudest moment was actually getting a piece of coverage for a client on BBC. It was something that I had on bucket lists and it happened! I just remember that absolute buzz that you get and pleasing the client, and achieving something that I set out to do. That was a personal moment that I won’t ever forget.

How would you describe Builtvisible in one word?

I would say insurmountable. So by that, I mean a force to be reckoned with.

Our Digital PR team is currently hiring. If you’re on the lookout for an exciting new role in Olivia’s team, take a look at our careers page for more info.

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