SEO channel improvements drive growth and generate exceptional ROI of 214% over 6 months for leading insurance company

Adopting a high growth strategy


“I have been bowled over with the level of service and quality of work produced by Builtvisible since we first engaged them just over a year ago. They solved a critical issue for us at the first time of asking, have innovated constantly and are continuing to drive great results. SEO is giving us an ROI of 241% which I think speaks for itself!

In my opinion they deserve their place as one of the top SEO agencies in the UK.”

Ben Alexander
Head of Digital at Towergate Insurance

The Challenge

Having been burned by low quality SEO in the past, Towergate Insurance approached Builtvisible with an immediate need to remove a crippling manual link penalty affecting their domain, with a view to rebuilding their organic presence from the ground up.

The Solution

With a distinguished history of helping enterprise-scale sites recover from link-based manual actions we were well placed to remedy Towergate’s situation – and did so successfully at the first attempt.

From thereon in it was all about rebuilding and creating a trend of growth for the firm. We undertook two pieces of bespoke technical consulting and worked closely with the Towergate Insurance development team to push the changes through.

Having formed solid technical foundations we moved on to researching, forming and executing a content strategy led by at-scale social data.

We worked closely with publishers and influencers to create a range of interactive and ‘static’ assets for use in link building activity to replenish Towergate’s link profile and grow the site’s organic visibility, traffic and leads.


The Results

With links from domains such as The Daily Mail, Forbes and adding authority to the domain, organic traffic and leads rocketed to increase 108% (last six months) and 137% (last three months) – creating an overall ROI from SEO of 214%.

Some of the coverage generated for Towergate Insurance during the campaign:

Driving growth in the domain authority of the domain correlates well with an increase in overall search engine visibility:


Which provided a significant performance improvement in overall organic visibility:


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