Our new home and what it represents

Last week marked a significant new chapter in Builtvisible’s history.

After 4 ½ years on Tabernacle Street, we have moved into a brand new, state-of-the-art, single-room office just over the other side of Old Street roundabout, and I could not be more excited.

Excited not just about the space itself – although it is incredible – but about what it represents for this wonderful business. Our new location signals a seismic shift in what it means to work for and with Builtvisible.

The initial brief I set ourselves was to find a space which unquestionably benefited the three core pillars that make this company amazing: our people, our clients and our work.

Our new home

The only way we were going to achieve this as a growing 40-person specialist agency was to make sure we were all in one room. The frictions caused by our existing office as we scaled were becoming increasingly apparent, and it was clear that getting us into a single large room would benefit us enormously, allowing the best ideas to propagate and diffuse across teams.

I always liken the staff culture at Builtvisible to a family. An aspirational cliché in many instances, but a genuine belief in this one.

We have incredible buy-in to the cause, enjoy each other’s company immensely and have each other’s backs to a degree I have only previously experienced in my previous life as a rugby player. And until now this has been despite being spread across 4 separate floors.

As of this week we are together in one room. We have created a melting pot of personalities as diverse as the spectrum of work we do – from wildly creative through to deeply analytical.

It is a step into the unknown and it is going to be fascinating. But more than that it is going to be enormous fun.

Builtvisible office shot

Our clients will benefit too. From enjoying higher spec, more functional, and more readily available meeting spaces, through to getting a sense of what the business is all about, our new home revolutionises the experience of working with Builtvisible.

The physical boundaries we worked around in our previous office are gone, meaning the people who invest their time, money and reputation entrusting us with their organic digital marketing “get it” the moment they walk through the door. They have full transparency on our people, how they operate and what it means to us to drive their organic performance.

We take huge pride in our work. We have some of the smartest minds in the industry solving critical, real-world problems for a brilliant client base, and the move has had this notion top of mind.

Our new space gives us the ability to move faster, be more efficient and ultimately ensure the work we deliver is even more effective in making a difference to our clients’ bottom lines. Our content team needs only to turn around to speak with the analytics team to talk about measuring a client campaign, our SEO team are a shoulder tap away from our creative experts to talk UX on a landing page analysis.

We have a proven track record of results, ROI and ground-breaking work. I am overflowing with excitement about how this new space will take our work to the next level.

Why we chose WeWork

Early in the process we had to wrestle with a bit of a bias against a serviced office solution such as WeWork. When I thought “WeWork” I had always thought “start-up”, and that just didn’t reflect who we are or what we do any more.

We had always had our own leased space, but the more due diligence we did alongside Jack McGinley at Knight Frank (who deserves a special mention for being instrumental in this process and a pleasure to work with to boot), the more an enterprise solution with WeWork made sense.

The fact is that Builtvisible has joined a rising tide of major international brands including the likes of Microsoft, BlackRock, Salesforce, Facebook, Adidas and Citi to name a few, and chosen an enterprise solution with WeWork.

The result is a large, private, fully customized space with our own meeting rooms, large breakout areas and sizable roof terrace – all private and just for us (H/T Peter Dudley from WeWork who was a superstar all along). A far cry from the small, flexible, glass-enclosed incubators one might associate with WeWork.

We had full control over layout, fitout and have already planned for the future with pre-emptive views on what expansion looks like as and when we require it.

The WeWork model caters perfectly to the three core pillars of our business.

Coming to work is now a frictionless experience for our people. They can turn up, do amazing work, develop themselves and enjoy each other’s company without having to worry about digging around for coffee, juggling meeting rooms or even locking up at the end of the day. They even have global access to WeWork meaning they have a place to go wherever they are in the world, and this all before the value-add perks and events of which there are many.

Our clients will love spending time with us here. Tech for meetings is seamless, the surroundings are built to a phenomenal specification and even chewing the fat over a couple of sociable drinks is taken care of with beer and prosecco on tap, not to mention our private roof terrace!

Finally, we can just get on with our work. There are no barriers to getting things done and delivering amazing results – and that is what we are being entrusted to do.

So here we are.

Brand-new office, brand-new space and brand-new format.

A time of hugely exciting change at Builtvisible which benefits our people, our clients and our work, with one constant: the same amazing team committed unwaveringly to pushing the boundaries of organic digital marketing and delivering the most meaningful agency experience in the world.

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