Lockdown gave us time to reflect and prepare for the future. Introducing Builtvisible’s new brand.

The last four months have been tough for everyone running businesses – growing, shrinking or otherwise.

Back in March I wrote about the threat of Coronavirus and how we were adapting our approach to client work to help them navigate the uncertainty that lay ahead, and how we had acted early and assertively to protect the agency itself, and the service we deliver to our clients.

“We are all in this together” was the slightly clichéd but devastatingly simple guiding principle to our approach internally, and so with everyone in it for the long haul and some people with a bit of extra time on their hands, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to take a step back and re-invest into the business.

Our brand had served us brilliantly for over five years, but with a few clients scaling back in light of the inevitable economic contraction, we were presented with an opportunity to take the plunge and give ourselves a face lift.

So that’s what we did.

The brief was simple. Ish.

The long and the short of it is that we are a very different business from five years ago physically, structurally, and culturally – and have grown up a fair amount in that time. Our look and feel need to do this group of people justice as specialists at the top of their game.

We wanted our site to:

There is an essence to an agency you feel when you walk through the door that stems from its people. Translating that nebulous idea and laying it down digitally is an incredibly difficult task, but I am so proud of what we have achieved.

Our people are rightly front and centre throughout the site because they are our biggest asset, the reason clients come on board in the first place and often stay for years.

New Builtvisible website case study page

As with the last three iterations of the Builtvisible brand and website we took the challenge on ourselves and bootstrapped a process together that would let us move quickly while the opportunity still existed, but deliver an outstanding result.

There are some very well-deserved thank yous to be handed out.

Firstly to the team who built our previous site, most of whom have moved on from Builtvisible, but all of whom played a key role in giving us a website to be proud of over the past 5 years. Looking back, it was the first time we did this “properly” and the output underpinned and accompanied the subsequent growth we have enjoyed. I am hugely grateful.

Secondly, to Alison and Caitlin who look after sales and marketing here at Builtvisible. They worked endless unseen hours to project manage the entire thing from start to finish. Taking nothing more than a vision and a set of guiding principles, they engineered end-to-end delivery of our new site, in 3 months, while doing their actual job at the same time. My woolly briefs, “wouldn’t it be good if”s and irrational points of feedback were expertly crafted into robust specs and clear workflows, before being handed over to our creative team.

Ahh our creative team.

Day-to-day, our creative team (Andrea, Minh, Alvaro and Emily R) specialise in building incredible, performance-led content for our lovely clients. With things being a little quieter we were able to move time around and conceptualise, design and build an entire website from scratch. Their commitment, energy and creative talents have been a marvel throughout, and the final product absolutely delivers in representing this agency and doing our incredible people justice.

I essentially had the privilege of being a client of Builtvisible’s for 4 months and it was an amazing experience. This makes me incredibly proud and slightly misty-eyed.

New Builtvisible website about us page

I hope that reading the blog that our founder Richard started over a decade ago, as well as the resources and guides we have amassed over the years is even more enjoyable as a result of this project.

I also hope our new brand does our incredible people justice and helps paint the picture of the meaningful agency experience of which we are so proud.

Here’s to the future.

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