Event: The in-house SEO’s guide to marketing through uncertainty

On the 17th of November we’ll be using the day to share a series of talks and panels all designed to help you plan, execute and report on your 2023 organic marketing strategy in this uncertain world, as well as how to bring your team on the journey with you.

You might be pivoting your strategy for the changing landscape, navigating more or less resources than usual, or fighting for budget and looking to prove worth. No matter the challenge, the premise of resilience remains.

SEO is one of the most reliable and cost-effective channels within the marketing mix; learn how to hold steady through uncertainty and reap the rewards.

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What to expect:

Organic insights from our experts and friends of the agency from top brands.

Attendees can expect additional resources on the day, Q&A with the experts and all registrants will receive recordings of all talks.

Who is this event for?


10:00 ‘Winners accelerate in the turns’

Opening remarks on marketing through uncertainty with our CEO, Geoff Griffiths

An overview of the challenges businesses are currently facing, the effect this has on marketing teams specifically and why continued investment into organic marketing is part of the solution.

10:15 ‘Harness the power of your own data’

Data foundations and how to use data to unite teams across the business with our Head of Data, Gary Stubbenhagen

When times are tough, it’s essential to have a clear, demonstrable, and positive impact on business performance. And, while there are a wealth of SEO tools based on second- and third-party data, they cannot see the bottom line. Gary will talk you through why tooling alone isn’t enough and how to unlock real insight from your data to action across your digital marketing channels.

11:00 ‘Data to rely on when there’s no room for error’

Making effective organic decisions in a changing landscape with our Performance Director, Daniel Butler

Real world examples of brands that performed through the pandemic, why that potentially flipped for some post-pandemic and how the effects are still being felt today in different ways. Learning from these, we look at how to get comfortable with uncertainty as organic marketers and better prepare for the future by finding and using the data that matters – to ultimately control the one controllable that is your marketing strategy.

12:00 ‘Strategy is important but execution is everything’

A panel discussion on getting recommendations implemented and effecting organisational change with Gousto and Lovecrafts, hosted by Austine Esezobor, Creator and Host of Democratizing SEO podcast

Three things you’ll take away from this discussion:

  1. Your ability to implement your SEO strategy is what determines the growth of your site’s visibility. Learn where to invest your time and resource for implementation success.
  2. A low awareness of SEO within your business can compromise your site’s ranking ability. Learn what you can do to protect against regression now and in the future.
  3. It takes more than SEOs to make SEO a success. Learn how to convince other business stakeholders to join you for the journey.

13:00 ‘Don’t leave opportunity on the table’

Making the most of the traffic you’re already getting with our Senior UX and Content Strategist, Abbey Grocott

A 5-point plan on how to use SEO to improve content efficiency. In this session you’ll learn why understanding and communicating content’s role in achieving performance goals is key, where to find what motivates your audience right now and how to use your existing content to push them to convert under times of increased competition. Find out exactly how content is categorised, surfaced and presented to users – and stress test your information architecture by checking that this aligns with each of your user journeys.

14:00 ‘Selling SEO to the CEO’

Getting buy-in from senior stakeholders with our Technical Director, Will Nye

Four things you’ll learn in this session:

  1. Why SEO as a channel struggles to get the investment it deserves.
  2. How to create a winning SEO strategy.
  3. How to create a compelling business case.
  4. Effective reporting to retain buy-in over the long term.

15:00 ‘Thriving through uncertainty’

A panel discussion with Better and Icelandair, hosted by Olivia Wiltshire, Head of Digital PR at Builtvisible

In this session, you’ll learn:

When is it?

Thursday 17th November 10:00 – 16:00 (GMT)

Talks will start on the hour from 10:00 and the last session will end at 16:00.

Where is it?

This is a virtual event so you can join from the comfort of anywhere.

Join us on the day for bonus content and the chance to ask the speakers your questions, or sign up to receive the recordings to watch at your leisure.

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