Builtvisible Recruitment Process

So you’re interested in joining us at Builtvisible? Well firstly, thank you for choosing us and taking the time to apply. We hope to give you a clear and transparent understanding of the process you’re about to go through.

At Builtvisible, our goal is to be as transparent as possible during every stage of our hiring process. We will always list the salary bands in our job descriptions and you can find a list of our benefits on the careers page of our website here.

We aim to make our interview process as fair and efficient as possible, while being thorough enough to ensure that both parties can make an informed decision during each stage. Our typical hiring process is split into three stages; a screening call, first interview and then a second, task based interview.

Initial call:

Should you be selected for an interview after applying online, your first step will be a 20 – 30 minute Zoom call with our Talent Acquisition team. This is an informal conversation where they will aim to gain a better understanding of what drew you to the role at Builtvisible as well as learn a little more about your experience and background.

During the call, we will also cover the basics such as salary, notice period and your right to work in the UK. You will of course also have ample opportunity to ask any questions of your own.

Following this call and in line with our fair interview policy, the Talent Acquisition team will anonymise your CV and notes before passing them onto the hiring team for review.

1st Interview:   

Your first formal interview will be a video call that lasts up to an hour. You will meet with two members of the team you’re looking to join and run through a series of pre-scripted questions. In line with our fair interview policy, these questions will be the same for each candidate applying for the same role.

There will be a mix of competency, technical and general CV based questions to help the team assess your suitability for the position. You will again have plenty of opportunity to ask your questions to gain even more insight into the role and team you’re hoping to join.

2nd Interview:

Successfully passing your first interview will lead to an invitation to your second and final stage of the interview process. This is typically a task based interview. You will be briefed on a task to complete prior to your interview which you will present to a panel of two or three members of the team at our office in London.

The final stage interview typically lasts up to an hour and a half. We will ensure during this time that you meet everyone you need to meet for the role and that you have time to ask any final questions you might have about the opportunity.

Once this stage is completed, we aim to come back to you as soon as possible with a decision and hopefully your offer to join our team!


We know how important feedback is during the interview process and we aim to deliver useful and constructive feedback wherever possible.

After your initial call, due to the blind profile we share as part of our fair interview policy, we will have limited feedback to share with you. If the Talent Acquisition team has further insight for you, they will share it but unfortunately we cannot always provide this.

Feedback from your first and second stage interviews will be tailored to you and will show how we came to the that decision. We always aim to highlight where we felt you performed well and where we think you could improve for future interviews.

This is the outline of our typical interview process for any permanent hire. If you are interviewing for a contract, freelance or entry level role, this process may differ slightly. Should this be the case, we will outline what that process looks like on our initial call.

We hope this helps you understand the process you’re going through with us and we wish you the best of luck with your application! We look forward to meeting you soon.

Disclaimer, we may record video interviews for quality and note-taking purposes using AI tools. You will be notified at the start of the call if this is the case. 

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