Building a culture of measurement: PR Week breakfast briefing

Search for ‘how to measure PR campaigns’ and you’ll be hit with 172,000,000 results and hundreds of articles on the topic. It’s clearly something we need to tackle once and for all.

As the PR industry works towards building more robust measurement plans and reporting, PR Week ran a well-timed event on the topic of measurement within PR.

Myself and our Head of Analytics, Tom Bennet, chose to zone in on two core principles which are intrinsic to getting the measurement of PR campaigns right during our talk.

Collaboration: working with other teams to build flawless measurement plans

The first issue we tackled was collaboration, the principle being that the PR industry needs to get better at working with other channels to measure their activity, rather than struggling with the insurmountable task of attempting to measure an incredibly broad set of metrics.

When looking for information on how people measure PR or looking for guides and whitepapers tackling the subject, I came across dozens of suggested measurement points. From branded mentions and reach, to likes, shares, revenue and share of voice the pressure that we as a PR industry put on ourselves when it comes to measurement is surely part of what’s slowing down the development of a clear solution.

Through suggesting ways to work with other teams and asking the right questions, the first section of our talk covered how to make sure you’re gathering the right data and working with the right teams.

Asking the right questions of other teams can not only streamline your own reporting time, it can bring you new insight you may never have managed to uncover!

Channel specific metrics

Perception: using reporting to get noticed at board level

Another key issue that the troubled state of PR reporting engenders, is a lack of trust and investment from senior stakeholders.

At Builtvisible we’ve found that upping our investment in analytics for our clients and giving them data that they can rely upon has had a tangible impact on our their abilities to expand budgets and gain favour with the most senior stakeholders within their businesses.

Campaign reporting

Tom discussed the responsibility of PR teams to involve analytics and measurement experts at the start of any campaign or client engagement. Though PR managers can’t be expected to be data experts, if you’re leading campaign strategy it’s essential that you can speak the language of measurement, ask the right questions and work with analytics teams to build the reports you need.

This approach sees us move far beyond coverage books, and into more intuitive reporting which can truly tell us how our campaigns have impacted business performance.

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