Creating content that drives demand in b2b and niche industries

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Creating content for niche or b2b offerings can be challenging.

On one hand, you want to rank for high volume keywords – on the other, you need to ensure you’re meeting future trends and attracting the relevant audience, gaining their trust and securing conversions.

For instances like these, we ask, is keyword research enough?

Or is it possible to get in front of new potential customers and create well-targeted content through methods outside of this?

This webinar will provide you with practical advice and evidence of how we’ve done this for clients who are looking to attract niche audiences or have niche offerings in industries such as SaaS, insurance, and b2b, where search volume is low and the stakes are high.

Carla Thomas

Senior Content Strategy Consultant

What you can expect from this webinar

  • Advice on how to know when and how you might need to go beyond traditional keyword research to maximise your organic reach
  • Actionable tips to bolster your organic performance and relevancy of your content, where search demand is limited
  • Advice on how to unlock and make the most of your internal knowledge and expertise
  • Tips on how to stay ahead of the curve and claim organic space in breakout trends
  • An understanding of which tools to invest in, and how to use them to make well-informed decisions on future trends

Carla Thomas

Senior Content Strategy Consultant

Carla is one of the Senior Content Strategy Consultants here, specialising in on-page optimisation and is responsible for overseeing and contributing to results-driven strategies across the agency, for clients including Splunk, Vitality and GLL.

Key work from her portfolio includes a strategy project where she was able to outrank publications such as The Standard, Country and Townhouse and Marie Claire on new page recommendations based on future-trend spotting.

She has also successfully developed editorial strategies across three markets and languages for the B2B data platform, Splunk, and contributed to the mammoth success of one of our e-commerce clients’ projects, increasing traffic and revenue by over 200%.

With a marketing career spanning seven years,  she’s experienced in events, email marketing, digital PR and influencer marketing alongside strategy, having collaborated with client teams or led these areas herself.

Outside of work you’ll find her in a gym, or hunting down the latest hotspots as our resident foodie. She’s also an avid reader and film addict.