The crucial role clients play in Digital PR and link building

Supportive partners are vital in any relationship, and definitely in the case of Digital PR where a strong, stable agency-client relationship is crucial in gaining the juicy links every good team craves.

At Builtvisible we’re known for our ability to act as an extension of in-house teams; we’re experts who can be relied upon for insight, direction, honesty and a genuine drive to gain the best results. But this level of collaboration is only achieved when clients are also accountable for in-house responsibilities.

Here are the main areas a client needs to play a pivotal role in, to ensure the smooth running of their Digital PR and link building account.

Begin the relationship on solid foundations

To keep the honeymoon phase in full swing there’s two key things to iron out. The first is about offering-up all necessary information we need to make effective decisions, and the second helps to uncover any potential knowledge gaps in-house on Digital PR, link building and our processes.

A few things we’d ask of you to get there include:

If you’ve been burnt before, the initial touch points with a new agency, from pitch to kick-off, are vital for building trust and washing away any negative preconceptions.

Getting the right people involved in ideation early on

Who doesn’t love an ideation session to get the creative juices going? It’s just as important to have client input in so here we’ll ask that you:

By attending ideation sessions and bringing people involved in the sign-off process early on it helps people feel bought into campaign ideas and prevents future roadblocks. It also brings potential content collaborations across teams to the surface, such as social media promotion or available client data that can be used.

So, clients: bring yourselves, bring your ideas and rally the troops.

Ensuring a consistent and regular line of open communication

Whether it’s a large campaign or business as usual link building that your Digital PR team are working on, ensure you’re available to maintain regular communication.

We insist on regular catch-ups, such as weekly or bi-weekly quick catchups specifically to hear updates on progress, feedback and all other business to ensure the services you’re paying for are being leveraged in the most impactful way.

Here’s just a few other reasons keeping open lines is beneficial:

Build a support system and be internal champions for the agency

Being the point of contact is so much more than providing Google Analytics access, settling invoices and checking calendars for meeting times that work. You’re the internal champion who has the ability to facilitate change and develop trust between the Digital PR team and your colleagues; if we’re able to get in front of the right people, with the right solutions and showcase our successes, it’s the remedy that leads to a successful partnership. And you’re integral to this happening.

In some cases, clients come to us that have been stung by previous agencies where caution is understandable. But once trust has been earned, it’s time to allow any barriers to gradually ease to strive towards that partnership mindset.

And having a supportive figure on the client side who can advocate for the work we’ve done together opens the door to even more link building possibilities and opportunities to amplify your brand.

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