Opportunity Sizing

The only SEO strategy directly accountable to revenue

It’s time for SEO to grow up and start talking the language of the CMO.

In a world of proxy metrics such as number of links, rankings and even proprietary link scoring systems, no one is talking about driving revenue and generating a tangible ROI against the SEO activities they are undertaking.

We have changed the game.

How does opportunity sizing work?

In a nutshell, opportunity sizing informs a revenue-focused, strategic approach to sustained growth in organic search.

It takes the time to understand the nuance of your business and how it makes money, before gaining a full, data-driven view of the competitive landscape and quantifying the short, mid and long-term opportunities for your brand and the level of investment required to capitalise and generate ROI.

Opportunity Sizing process

Then what?

You will work directly with our consultants to build a growth plan as unique as your business – completely accountable to revenue and ROI including:

What needs to happen

The level of investment required to generate ROI through on-page, technical and off-page road maps.

When it needs to happen

Planning your SEO activity around key seasonal trends ensuring your investment is being made at the right time.

What revenue success looks like

Establishing not only tangible, revenue-based KPIs that the rest of your business will respect, but forecasting growth vs. activity line items.

How long it will take to get there

Activities and associated revenue impact grouped by short-term, mid-term and long-term opportunities.

How to manage the rest of the business

You will work directly with our experts to communicate the plan in the right way to the key stakeholders in your business. From education, to reporting set up, to managing expectations, we have your back.

Don’t just take our word for it…

“Working with Builtvisible has been a great experience from the start. From initial analysis, plan of action and execution, the work has been brilliant.

We came to Builtvisible with some very steep revenue targets to hit, and they really rose to the challenge. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome – the phenomenal results speak for themselves!”

Rafael Rubio, SEO Manager – UK Team Lead, lastminute.com

Find out how we drove over 2,000% ROI for lastminute.com here.

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