Hey Marketing Week, we think these skills are far from overrated!

Overrated? Not on our watch.

Marketing Week’s latest study has sparked quite a lively debate, with marketers labelling certain skills as ‘overrated.’ Social media marketing, digital marketing, performance marketing, SEO, and even advertising and martech found themselves in the hot seat.

But let’s face it, folks. Opinions vary as much as the hues in a rainbow. Some are shaped by past experiences, others by keen observation, and for a select few, it’s just a gut feeling.

Let’s dig into this study a little deeper, shall we?

Categorisation of these skills

Attempting to neatly categorise these skills is like trying to force a square peg into a round hole. While digital marketing serves as the overarching term, simplifying it to such an extent overlooks the complexities. Social media, performance marketing, and SEO are all integral components of the digital marketing landscape, each bringing its own unique value. Together, they form the foundation of a well-rounded marketing strategy.

And where does advertising and martech fit into this equation? Advertising complements digital marketing, providing additional avenues for reaching target audiences. Meanwhile, martech operates behind the scenes, facilitating processes and optimising efficiency.

 Value of these skills

Critiquing specialisation feels outdated. In today’s dynamic landscape, it’s mastery in a specific domain that truly distinguishes professionals. While being a generalist has its merits, it’s the depth of expertise that sets individuals apart and drives success.

Take Exhibit A. You may have come across a similar sentiment circulating online. We’re here to affirm that the ‘overrated’ social media marketing skill is a craft that requires dedication and experience to master. From understanding how people behave on Instagram, to what makes people buy and be loyal to a brand, there is plenty of insight and science to creating that reel you shared with your friendship group.

Exhibit A

The same can be said for digital marketing. Sure, it’s a catch-all term for many different skills and strategies tailored to various platforms and audiences. But within this realm lies a rich tapestry of expertise, from crafting compelling content to analysing intricate data patterns.

Performance marketing and SEO? They’re not just buzzwords; they’re the engines that drive visibility and conversions in an increasingly competitive landscape. And let’s not forget about advertising and martech – they’re the unsung heroes working behind the scenes, optimising campaigns and enhancing user experiences.

So, are these skills overrated? Far from it. In fact, they’re the lifeblood of modern marketing, continuously evolving to meet the demands of a rapidly changing digital landscape. While opinions may differ, one thing remains clear: in a world where attention is scarce and competition is fierce, mastering these skills isn’t just valuable – it’s essential for staying ahead of the curve.

Finally, we wanted to leave you with Exhibit B. There’s a version for every industry out there but recognising the challenge every one of us face is where the true understanding lies.

It’s not about whether these skills are overrated or underrated; it’s about acknowledging their significance in shaping the future of marketing. So, let’s embrace the diversity of perspectives, celebrate the complexity of our craft, and continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the ever-evolving world of marketing.

Exhibit B

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