Connected content: The rise and power of cross team collaboration

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In this webinar, our two powerhouses, Content Strategy and Digital PR come together to exhibit the impact of true organic digital marketing collaboration.

Our Head of Digital PR, Olivia Wiltshire is joined by Senior Content Strategy Consultant, Lauren Noakes to share our holistic approach to organic strategy at Builtvisible, how to achieve the three big benefits of cross-team collaboration and their simple steps to unearthing opportunities for multi-purpose content.

Olivia Wiltshire

Head of Digital PR

What you can expect to learn from this webinar

  • Ways to positively influence your content ROI
  • Why connected teams are the future of organic marketing
  • How to elevate your content with content distribution
  • Next steps for making your content work smarter

Olivia Wiltshire

Head of Digital PR

Olivia heads up Digital PR and promotion at Builtvisible, having joined in a junior role back in 2014.

Never one to settle for the well-trodden path, Olivia is often found exploring new avenues of Digital PR innovation, scrutinising the ever-changing media landscape and working alongside her team of specialists to ensure all our campaigns are accountable to the numbers that matter for our clients.

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