A day in the life of: A Senior Digital PR Consultant

This time our ‘Day in the life’ series features Dan Bermingham-Shaw, one of our Senior Digital PR Consultants who has been an invaluable member of Builtvisible for the past five years. With a keen understanding of the digital landscape, Dan has skillfully navigated the ever–evolving world of Digital PR to build brand reputation and create impactful content for our clients.

What first attracted you to Builtvisible?

I joined nearly five years ago, not knowing very much about the industry or the business, but I remember just being extremely excited about Builtvisible from my very first interview. The job was a different direction for me, but from the early stages of applying it pushed me to learn about a new skill and I felt assured that I’d be pushed further to grow in the role, surrounded by an exciting team of like-minded people. I couldn’t wait to get started.

How would you describe the Builtvisible culture?

It’s a friendly, inclusive culture of hard-working, talented people who are a lot of fun.

What are your favourite Builtvisible perks?

I am addicted to my Apple Watch, so getting that through our health insurance has been my favourite perk.

What’s a typical day like for you?

It completely depends what projects and clients I’m working on, but for a basic day I’d immediately be checking for coverage and links from the latest campaigns I’ve been working on, checking Buzzstream for the latest opens and clicks on my pitches, and fire a few new pitches out to journalists after checking Twitter for journo requests and scrolling through the news. I’ll catch up with my team, brief people in and get stuck into whatever new campaign, strategy project or report I’ve got to do that day!

What would you look for in a new team member if you were hiring?

I’d look for someone who’s got a real energy to learn and create and who has interests in the field of media and digital outside of work too. I’ve always been into journalism, media and the digital world myself, and I feel like that interest has really helped keep me engrossed in the day-to-day happenings of the news world, pop culture and digital, outside of what I do in the office.

What’s the most exciting product or project you’re working on at the moment?

At the moment I’m working on building out our team’s reporting capabilities with new tools, dashboards and fresh training. It’s a big project that I hope can help us show clients the great impact links can have on their sites in an even clearer, more efficient way.

What has your training and development looked like?

If we want training or support on something, or want to specialise and develop in a particular area, we can do it. It’s up to us what we suggest based on our interests and goals. I’ve always been supported to do that, whether it’s regular sessions with other specialists in the agency showing us how to use tools and programmes, or an event or online course we can do.

Do you feel supported by the business?

Of course! I don’t think I’d have been here almost five years if I didn’t feel supported and in a good environment with great people. I’ve enjoyed growing in my different roles and alongside friends who joined around when I did too, learning and building together.

What are your hopes for the department and agency for the year ahead and future?

I’m excited to see how the Digital PR team can grow further with fresh new faces and lots of new clients, gaining plenty of links and results for them as we have been doing for many years.

How would you describe your job to others in general, and to people who aren’t even in digital marketing?

I either say I do marketing, or explain that I help get clients higher up in Google by creating content and building links for them. It’s best to keep it as simple as possible.

How would you describe your client relationships?

They change from client to client but they’re great. I’ve often enjoyed going out and celebrating our joint efforts and hard work, and it’s always good fun.

Lastly, what’s your proudest client moment to date?

I’ve got lots over the five years, but I’d say my most recent one is seeing results turn around after a slow start for one of our newer clients, thanks to two fantastic campaigns and a lot of hard work and determination that gained over 100 high-quality links and secured some amazing results overall, including in some of my dream publications!

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