Webinar: Last minute SEO fixes to ensure peak season success

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Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the holiday season are only a few short weeks away and competition will, as usual, be ruthless. If this has crept up on you, there are still a number of last-minute changes you can implement to increase your traffic, boost sales and maximise your chance of reaching Q4 goals.

Maria Camanes

Senior SEO Consultant

What you can expect from this webinar

  • A six-point checklist to ensure your site and servers are ready to handle the increased traffic
  • Five ways to give your customers the checkout process they deserve and avoid cart abandonment
  • Top tips for dedicated (optimised) landing pages that dominate the SERPs
  • Four ways to boost your high priority pages’ rankings
  • How to boost sales with holiday-specific and transactional keywords
  • Four bonus tips including how to work with PPC to increase your organic CTRs

Maria Camanes

Senior SEO Consultant

Maria joined Builtvisible in early 2017 as a Technical SEO Consultant, and is now Senior SEO Consultant.

With 8+ years SEO experience across sectors, she’s passionate about optimising websites from a technical point of view and is particularly interested in Ecommerce SEO and site speed optimisation.

She’s a regular trainer at the annual BrightonSEO event and enjoys sharing her knowledge through webinars, blog posts and guides.

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