Tooling and innovation

Custom applications that provide clarity, make your time more valuable and give you an edge.

The organic landscape is saturated with tools, but very few offer the flexibility required to fit seamlessly into client or agency-side workflows.

By creating a dedicated innovation department and embedding it within our product teams, we’ve built a suite of tailored applications that joins the dots, eliminating inefficiencies and driving exceptional ROI for our clients.

More value, better insights.

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Your budget is too precious to be wasted on automatable tasks.

In a world of finite resource and unprecedented levels of organic competition, it’s more important than ever for brands to maximise their spend. Yet the average organic marketer wastes days crunching data to extract the actionable insights that drive growth.

At the same time, in-house and agency marketers alike are pushed to produce strategies that will challenge the status quo, based upon data from the same external tools used by their competitors.

As a result, very few reach their full organic potential.

With roots firmly planted in technical SEO, and over a decade of leading the industry in innovation, R&D and thought leadership, partnering with Builtvisible allows you to leverage the power of SEO automation within your campaigns.

Whether you need help solving a unique business problem or simply want to get more value from your agency spend, our innovative, programmatic solutions will give you the edge you so badly need.

Our application suite

Used across our entire offering as part of your engagement, our suite of custom apps includes:

Opportunity sizer

SEO, Content and Digital PR

Unlock your true organic potential with performance insights tied explicitly to business KPIs.

Maximise ROI by understanding your short, medium and long term growth opportunities.


SEO and Data

Use data science to understand the true impact of your optimisations.

Improve business confidence by irrefutably demonstrating the value of SEO.

Link intersect

Digital PR

Achieve unparalleled insights by profiling your entire competitive landscape.

Generate a definitive list of quick win and high value link opportunities.

Index checker


Get granular Google indexation data at enterprise-scale.

Enjoy the accuracy of GSC’s URL Inspection API, without the limitations.

Keyword categoriser

SEO, Content and Digital PR

Perform advanced keyword tagging that harnesses the power of Regex.

Eliminate misclassification by applying multiple, stackable filters.



Leverage Google Business APIs to manage listings en-masse.

Effortlessly publish Google Posts across multiple locations.

Page speed


Extract bulk performance data for a more complete view of page experience.

Eradicate inconsistencies through multiple rounds of testing.

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